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FREE Google 3D Planning Software - Create Your Own Floor Plans & More!

The Ultimate Remodeling & Renovation Tool...
Build It BEFORE You Build It!

Planning is Key
If you are about to embark on a home addition, remodeling or renovation project, then you know that planning is key. Now you can easily design your own floor plans with SketchUp 3D Planning Software from Google.

Read our review Google SketchUp on our blog post about free home remodeling software.

Ease of Use - One Room at a Time - or the Whole House!
Use SketchUp to design your dream home from floor to ceiling, basement to roof - or just design one room at a time. Attics, bathrooms, living rooms and other room interiors can be designed quickly and viewed from any angle. You can switch to blueprint view to see dimensions.

Download SketchUp from Google Here

Here are some examples of models done with Google SketchUp 3D planning software:

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Whether you want to design a dream home, the world's tallest building or just a new backyard deck, Google SketchUp makes visualizing and communicating your design ideas easy.

Google SketchUp 6 is a free, easy-to-learn 3D modeling tool that enables you to explore the world in 3D. With just a few simple tools, you can create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects - even space ships. And once you've built your models, you can place them in Google Earth, post them to the 3D Warehouse.

Download SketchUp from Google Here

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