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Classic Clawfoot Bathtubs

Classic clawfoot tubs, faucets and showers.

Clawfoot tubs with classic gooseneck clawfoot tub faucets are probably the most sought after bathtub for both modern and vintage style bathroom designs. There are many clawfoot bath tub styles to choose from, including; raised or 'slipper' style tubs, double ended clawfoot tubs, as well as small sized and pedestal mount clawfoot tubs.  Of course, you'll want to adorn your beautiful new clawfoot tub with just the right faucet and shower curtain! Read more to see pictures of many clawfoot tub styles and accessories.


Clawfoot Tub Pictures

slipper tub


This beautiful bathroom setting features a slipper tub with a wall mounted british telephone faucet. The slipper style is one of the most popular clawfoot bathtub styles and is available in either acrylic or cast iron. The raised back enhances the room you have to spread out and relax. Learn more or buy slipper tub.


double ended clawfoot tub


This homeowner created a bathing area that has been set back into a cozy little inlet. A great design to give you a sense of retreat. This clawfoot bathtub is a small "double ended" tub, with claw feet finished in chrome. It features a deckmount british telephone faucet with hand held shower unit. Learn more or buy double ended clawfoot tub.


double-ended slipper clawfoot tub


This bathroom features a double-ended slipper tub. A double ended tub is where the ends are symetrical, and the slipper describes the upswept design. This type of tub is perfect for sharing a bath, as it gives both people the ability to stretch back in comfort. Plus, when the faucet is mounted in the center, it prevents either person from hitting it with their head by accident. Learn more or buy double ended slipper tub.


antique faucet


This beautiful faucet is finished in chrome and features a hand-held shower unit and lever style porcelain handles. Many faucets come with the hand-held shower unit as an option. It has become very popular, as it gives versatility to your bathtub without the need for a full shower enclosure that may take away from the visual appeal of your clawfoot bathtub. Learn more or buy this antique faucet.


clawfoot vintage tub


This bathroom features the common black and white checkerboard floor design that's found in many clawfoot tub bathrooms. It helps promote that old world charm, but doesn't necessarily limit you to having a period style bathroom, as you can easily include modern style fixtures if desired. This bathroom features a double-ended cast iron clawfoot tub, and a deck mounted chrome faucet with hand-held shower unit. Learn more or buy vintage clawfoot tub.




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clawfoot tub with window view


This lovely bathroom design is setup with country living style. It's always wonderful to set your clawfoot bathtub next to a window with a view. This bathtub is a double-ended tub with polished nickel feet and faucet. The faucet uses lever style porcelain handles and the hand-held shower unit. Learn more or buy this clawfoot tub.


clawfoot tub on a platform


Some people design their bathrooms to have raised platforms to place their bathtubs on. This creates a sense of "event" in regards to bathing. This can certainly help promote the idea of creating a relaxation atmosphere. Because the tub is placed on a separate area, performing the tasks to get your bath ready, (drawing the water, setting the music, etc.) take on a purpose, with entering the bath as your final task. The clawfoot bathtub shown in this picture is an acrylic double-ended tub, with the faucet attached directly to the floor supply lines. The faucet is not attached to the tub, but flows over the side into it. Learn more or buy this clawfoot tub.


clawfoot tub in luxury bathroom


The beautiful bathtub featured in this picture is referred to as a pedestal tub. Pedestal tubs are very simliar to clawfoot bathtubs, except instead of resting on feet, they reset on a pedestal unit. Next to a large window is a great spot to place your bathtub. This is a great example of a modern luxurious bathroom using a pedestal tub. It shows that pedestal and clawfoot bathtubs don't necessarily have to be placed in a historic type setting. They do just fine in present day designs. Learn more or buy this luxury clawfoot tub.


clawfoot tubs for getaway retreats


Hardwood floors can really bring out the beauty of a clawfoot bathtub. This bathroom highlights an acrylic double-ended slipper tub, with chrome finished feet and faucet. The double-ended slipper tub is perfect for a romantic bath together. Rather than being squished together, both people can relax in comfort with their own reclining back support. Draw a warm bath, put on some music, light some candles, and you've got the formula for a romantic and memorable night together. Learn more or buy this double-ended slipper tub.



clawfoot classic


This bathroom showcases another popular black and white checker floor design that is very common with clawfoot bathtubs. In this bathroom however, they have chosen to go with a pedestal base tub, rather than one with claw feet. The faucet features a hand-held shower unit and is finished in satin nickel. Learn more or buy this classic pedestal base tub.



Images and descriptions provided courtesy of ClassicClawfootTubs.com



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