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Building Construction Home Improvement Cost Estimator Tool

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Free Remodeling Cost Estimator Tool
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This easy to use building construction cost estimator is designed for the average homeowner to estimate how much a specific home improvement project will cost, including; renovations, additions, plumbing, electrical, roofing, drywall, painting and more. It takes into account many factors that are unique to your area using the largest construction cost database available.

So go ahead and create a project and see for yourself how quick, easy and useful the estimator is.

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About the Building Construction Home Improvement Cost Estimator

This software provides the consumer with an estimate of a project's cost. The estimate derived using the project estimator is for informational purposes only. It generates an estimate based on regional cost and pricing information. Actual costs may differ from those derived using the software because of local cost differences and site specific project issues. The estimate obtained using this service does not give rise to any commitment on Contractors.com, its affiliated partners and member contractors.


Q1: Who provides the labor and material costs you use to create my estimate?

A1: The information contained in this site is a compilation of over thirty years of the construction industry's best-known and most respected data sources. It takes into account a multitude of factors that have an impact on the cost of a project, such as the consumer price index, exact dimensions, specific materials, contractor markup, and regional pricing.

Q2: Where do these costs come from?

A2: Researchers compile material costs by contacting hundreds of lumberyards throughout the United States every 90 days. They compile labor costs by tracking labor trends and collecting data from professional remodeling contractors who use their pricing service.

Q3: Is the cost for my project adjusted for my local area?

A3: Costs are collected for over 200 different areas of the United States. The costs used to determine the price of your project are specific to the area in which you live.

Q4:Will contractors in my area build my project for the price you list?

The price we list is derived from the basic information you provide about the project you would like to build. It is a good indicator of what your project will cost, but your actual price may vary. When you meet with the contractor, he will be able to make accurate measurements and discover further details about what features you want to include in your project. Other factors can also impact the final price of your project - access to the work area, unusual terrain, scheduling, seasonal weather conditions, etc.

Q5: Exactly what is included in the retail cost shown for an item?

A5: On many items we list a retail price to the right of the item. This price represents what you would pay for the item if you purchased it directly from the retailer. In this way you can get a better idea of what style and quality of product you are specifying. A good example is appliances. There are many makes and models of refrigerators - far too many to list on our site. By giving you a brief specification of the refrigerator and the retail price, you can feel assured that it is similar to the one you have been considering for your project at your local retailer. Another example is plumbing fixtures. If you have been looking at toilets for your project, you have a good idea of what the different styles of toilets cost. But you may not realize that to install a toilet, other materials are required as well. We list the retail price of the toilet fixture only for your comparison, but also include the cost of other materials and the labor to install the toilet in the price of your project.

Free Remodeling Cost Estimator Tool
launch remodeling cost estimator

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Free Cost Estimator Tool
Our free, easy-to-use cost estimator tool will help you estimate the cost of a wide range of home remodeling projects. See your costs locally based!
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