Contest Benefits for Bloggers

Remodel, Blog & WIN! - Blogging Benefits


So, you're a blogger? Want to know how our blog contest will benefit you?

Well, here's the list, and if this blog contest doesn't make you want to tear down your bathroom walls and build new ones, we don't know what will:

  1. Ummmm... you can WIN $5000. (Blog Contest Grand Prize - That's a lot.)

  2. You can WIN $1000 (People's Choice Award - That's still a lot.)

  3. Increased Exposure for Your Blog - Branding:
    We will be doing a lot of marketing for this contest, which will be attracting a lot of attention and traffic to our site. Being on our blog contestant's list will create a lot of exposure for your site from a wide spectrum of viewers, including; homeowners, other bloggers, press, sponsors and focused search engine visitors.

  4. Increased Traffic for Your Blog:
    Because we are allowing the public to vote on the entrant blogs for the "People's Choice Award" in our blog contest, many registered voters AND regular non-registered users will be visiting your site, either to cast their vote, or out of interest. This will bring more eyes to your main message. Get blogging!

  5. Link Juice for Your Blog:
    As a blogging contestant, we will be linking back to your blog, sharing whatever link juice we can. Since one of the criteria as a contestant is to link to a resource on our site that was helpful to your project, as more bloggers and webmasters link to us our link juice gets greater and is thusly passed on to you in greater percentages. Because of our marketing strategy, we will be getting links from the blog contestants, press, other blogs that are writing about us, etc... Some of these sources may also pick up your site as an example site and link to you as well (if you've got a quality remodel project or blog postings).

    Here's a great post on "link love".


    As a recently added co-sponsor of the contest, will not only be promoting the contest on their site, they will also be featuring entrant blogs on special high-traffic sections of This could create yet another high quality outside link to you, as well as providing the added traffic that the feature listing will generate!

    Stay tuned! We have even MORE to announce soon!

  6. Meet Other Bloggers:
    Our blog contestant's list will be filled with a variety of blog types and niches, giving you a chance to see blogs you may never heard of and are of great interest to you, or that you can use a resource for your blog or remodeling project!

  7. Valuable Content for Your Blog:
    Everyone needs content. This will give you something great to write about, and if you monetize your blog, the contextual ads that generally show for home improvement related content usually pay well. These are excellent paying clicks, and because there is much competition in the home improvement market, the ads are generally well written, well focused, and convert to clicks well.

  8. Elevate Your Creative Mojo:
    You are using the greatest tool in the world (the internet) for gaining inspiration, ideas, and creative knowledge. Use the tools we offer to elevate your creative mojo for both your remodeling project and your blog. We have all sorts of pictures and remodeling tools to help you realize your dreams, and you will see many great examples of blogs and how they creatively present their message and monetize their sites. Soak it all in, then ooze it all out...

  9. Learn New Stuff:
    Investigating and doing research for your remodeling project will no doubt lead you down paths that a) you were never aware of before, and b) could lead to learning some new and wonderful thing that inspires you, makes your project easier, or saves you money! Learn from the other contestants as you go along!

  10. Inspiration to Get Much Needed Work Done Around the House:
    If the potential of winning $5000, or $1000, PLUS all the benefits for your blog don't get you motivated or inspired to finally turn your remodeling daydreams into home improvement reality, then:
    1. You are Martha Stewart and everything is already perfect in your little world..., or,
    2. You have just won the lottery and have contracted Bob Villa to personally oversee the building of your new dream home..., or,
    3. You are a secret CIA agent who cannot reveal their identity just for some silly blog contest..., or,
    4. There is no reason. CONTEST CLOSED TO ENTRIES


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