Remodel & Blog Contest Entries

View these amazing and inspiring contest entries!
Check out the amazing blogs these people are doing about their home remodeling project. Not only will you get some great ideas for your next project, but you’ll get much needed inspiration to get around the obstacles that arise when you least expect them! These people have been there, and their sage advice that comes from telling their story will be the most valuable tool you will carry.

Please visit each entrant blog and comment on their projects.

Leave some encouragement for them if progress seems slow, or offer tips or ideas if you have some!

Read More About: California Street House

Site: California Street House
Project: Remodel of a California Bungalow in Southern California on a tight budget.
Medium: Blog
About: This blog is the study of remodeling our new home on California St in Oceanside, California.

We bought the home October 4, 2007 from a family relocating to Nevada. The couple ran a home base orchid supply from the home. They spent quite a bit of energy getting plants from the Quail Botanical Gardens. So we were very excited about all the tropical plants at the home and the large green house. The house was built in 1958, and is a 3 bedroom 3 bath home on just under a 1/4 acre and is located 1 mile from the ocean. There is also 2 large greenhouses and a outbuilding shed that will be our studio.

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Read More About: The Fixer Upper House

Site: The Fixer Upper House
Project: Total remodel/addition to 1920s dutch colonial
Medium: Blog
About: Until we bought The Fixer Upper House in the fall of 2006, not much had changed in its 80-plus years on earth. Its sloping gambrel roof, eye-blink windows and double-door-foyer are reminiscent of the million other Dutch Colonials built in the first half of the 20th Century throughout the Midwest and Northeast. Like those million other Dutch Colonials, ours is probably a kit house--from one of the lesser-known catalog suppliers such as Alladin or Wards that were so popular in the early 1900s and which have been tear-down targets for the past 20 years. Not ours. Even after 80 years of brutal Midwest winters, the house's bones are solid: its concrete foundation, steel beams, crown moldings and nine-foot plaster ceilings all have held up well.

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Read More About: 1951 Ranch Redo

Site: 1951 Ranch Redo
Project: Renovation of a 1951 ranch-style house.
Medium: Blog
About: This blog is about 2 people who live in Corvallis, Oregon, with 2 dogs and 2 cats in a 1951 ranch home. This very extensive blog details the renovation of a 1951 Craftsman style home, with a decidedly retro theme for the interior as well as the exterior. A complete renovation, the project has been documented since the beginning in 2005.

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Read More About: Moneypit House

Site: Moneypit House
Project: Restoring a 1913 Craftsman style home: with a toddler in the house.
Medium: Blog
About: This is the story of a 1913 Craftsman style home being renovated to it's original glory. The plan is to make everything as original and/or period correct as possible, while still keeping modern safety and comfort (new electrical, plumbing, proper insulation… hvac, etc). The original windows will remain, and matching salvaged windows will hopefully be sourced for the upstairs. Read more about the Moneypit House.

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Read More About: HERE IS THE HOUSE...where it all happens

Site: HERE IS THE HOUSE...where it all happens
Project: Gut Renovation of 3-family, 1890's townhouse
Medium: Blog
About: Illegal squatters, homicidal neighbors, thieving subcontractors, massive water damage, hidden rooms, broken bones, screaming parrots and $9000 stove that doesn’t turn on. What do all these things have in common? They can all be found at the 1890’s, 3 family townhouse that Dana and Eric bought and gut renovated over the last 4 years. And what a wild ride it’s been for them.

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Read More About: The Proudhouse

Site: The Proudhouse
Project: Massive Renovation
Medium: Blog
About: With this blog about their old home they are renovating in the Vancouver area, this young couple tells us about their life and renovations... BUT, they also have another blog about another new addition coming soon - a baby! After reading about the house on this blog and the new baby on the BellyBlog.

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Read More About: California 2 Puerto Rico

Site: California 2 Puerto Rico
Project: Finishing 10 year old home that was never completed.
Medium: Blog
About: Watch as this young couple from California tackle the obstacles that arise as they complete the construction remodeling, and landscaping for their new home in Puerto Rico. Follow along and learn not only about how this 10-year-old unfinished house is getting much needed TLC, but also learn about the fun side of PC - the sun, sand and surf!

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Read More About: The House and I

Site: The House and I
Project: Loose ends of several near-finished projects
Medium: Blog
About: Humor, wit and a dash of sarcasm are the key ingredients you’ll find in the posts at The House and I. Erin does the honors of relating the (mis)adventures of renovating a 1914 craftsman bungalow. She’ll keep you engaged and entertained 'til the bitter end. Learn about the Puritan Manifesto – Erin’s resolve to do one free, or at least one very inexpensive, house related project, every day for a month. Warning: Reader Discretion Is Advised.

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Read More About: Making It Lovely

Site: Making It Lovely
Project: New kitchen, new bedroom floors, and updating an entire old house
Medium: Blog
About: Nicole and Brandon bought their first house. It’s a circa 1920’s bungalow that came with a pretty clean bill of health (and an awesome Nelson Bubble Lamp). No structural work, no major reworking of electrical or plumbing required, but it definitely needed a pick-me-up in the decorating department! The creative process started immediately and hasn’t slowed down yet.

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Read More About: Sunfish Road

Site: Sunfish Road
Project: New construction
Medium: Blog
About: Once upon a time, Sue and Guy had a dream. They dreamt of building a home of their own in the country. It seemed like such a simple plan, but as they began their search for property they realized that affordable acreage in close proximity to Columbus was not easy to find. For a while they became disillusioned, then as luck would have it, they found the perfect spot.

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Read More About: la maitresse de maison

Site: la maitresse de maison
Project: Home Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: The kitchen of Amy and Joe’s new house doesn’t come anywhere close to the one they left behind. They’ve come from slate floors to stick-on tiles and corian counter tops to faux marble laminate. There’s plenty of room for improvement, and Amy and Joe are the right people for the job. With the three-year remodel of a 100 year old house already under their belts, they are anxious and excited about the prospect of an encore performance.

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Read More About: Lostview Farm

Site: Lostview Farm
Project: Home Addition
Medium: Blog
About: Lostview Farm relates the story of two families and their journey of discovery, living in community on a farm in rural Wisconsin. Charis and Becca are sisters, who along with their respective husbands, Jay and Chris, share common desires – to live more simply, giving not taking, to become self-sustaining and to get off the grid. With much hard work, personal sacrifice and great determination, they have set out on a path to realize their dreams.

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Read More About: This Young House

Site: This Young House
Project: Kitchen Redesign + General Updates
Medium: Blog
About: ‘This Young House’ was purchased by John and Sherry in May 2006. Although initially charmed by its complete lack of style, they are infusing their lovely brick ranch home with a style all its own. Widening doorways to open up the space and create better flow, is just one of the improvements they are implementing in their quest to give their home a more modern feel. Also included on their list of improvements are changes to the yard, kitchen, flooring and appliances.

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Read More About: Project Kraemer Lane

Site: Project Kraemer Lane
Project: Whole House Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: With one Victorian home renovation already under their belts, they’ve pulled up stakes and moved to Berks County, Pennsylvania where they’re hip deep in restoring and updating another old beauty. Brett and Rich are both hard at work putting the education they earned from their previous restoration project to good use on the inside and on the outside of their new home.

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Read More About: Second Cheapest

Site: Second Cheapest
Project: Wee Tiny House = Huge Project
Medium: Blog
About: We are two teachers in love who took on an enormous renovation project over three years ago. In the words of the inspector, "This house has been abused."

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Read More About: Little Ranch

Site: Little Ranch
Project: Kitchen & Bath Renovation / Decoration
Medium: Blog
About: Shagadelic carpeting in shades of orange, green, brown and yellow was not enough to scare this family away. They bought their 1976 ranch style home in 2004 and are slowly but surely bringing it up to date. No more views directly into the neighbor’s kitchen window – they can look out their windows and survey their ‘land’.

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Read More About: Killer Queen

Site: Killer Queen
Project: National Historic Register Interior Restoration
Medium: Blog
About: Sometimes we here at RMS realize that there are times when it's best we say nothing, and let the the stars do the talking. So the rest of what you'll read is directly from this entry's blog:

An Intro to Chaos... People say you should never do any of these in the same year: buy a house, sell a house, change jobs / careers, have a baby. We did them all. 3 in one month. 2 on the same day.

Read an excerpt from their blog about the amazing and historic Victorian home they are transforming...

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Read More About: Our New Old House

Site: Our New Old House
Project: Restoring & Renovating 1918 Bungalow
Medium: Blog
About: Kelli and Brandon are the excited new owners of a Craftsman bungalow built in 1918. And no, it’s not in the 90210 zip code. They’ve probably heard all the cracks there are about their names and the fictional TV couple they share them with, so we’ll leave it at that! This real life couple has purchased a real old house in need of some serious help. So much help in fact, that they were having a little difficulty finding a company to insure them while repairs and renovations were done that would bring it back up to code. With three days to go before closing the insurance issue was positively resolved – talk about cutting it close!

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Read More About: One Woman's Cottage Life

Site: One Woman's Cottage Life
Project: Cottage Transformation
Medium: Blog
About: If old-fashioned cottage style has you envisioning barn board and outhouses, you better think again! This would-be cottage’s style is cheerful and comfortable, yet at the same time, warm and elegant. Cottage-style decorating may not be for everyone, but we think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at how Kim and her husband are taking a 30 year old ranch style fixer-upper and turning it into a one-of-a-kind, old-fashioned cottage.

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Read More About: Marblehead Prospects

Site: Marblehead Prospects
Project: Antique colonial home renovation
Medium: Blog
About: Thankful for all of the online education they’ve received from other weekend warriors through blogs and forums, Paul and Sacha decided they’d like to ‘give back’ to the online home improvement learning community by setting up and starting a blog on their own home improvement endeavors. Anyone who takes the time to read their posts will be glad they did.

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Read More About: A Life Uncommon

Site: A Life Uncommon
Project: Kitchen Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: A Life Uncommon is a very colorful blog that gives insights into the life of a young lady who has recently become married, and is living in a circa 1980's home that is desperately in need of reorganization, remodeling, renovating and repair. Follow her from the reorganization of her cupboards and cabinets through her full kitchen remodeling project. She's just getting started, so please stop by and give her some encouragement.

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Read More About: ThirteenEleven

Site: ThirteenEleven
Project: 1919 House Renovation
Medium: Blog
About: Jen's a woman of few words, so it's a good thing that a picture is worth a thousand of them! The pictures in her posts tell most of the story for her. On the road to her home's recovery, she and her family have come face to face with rot and decay, many layers of old wallpaper and paint, wood floors in sad states of disrepair, and the not so attractive results of renovations by previous owners. We can't neglect to mention the plant life that has mysteriously crept its way into the kitchen behind the old cabinets!

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Read More About: In the Beginning

Site: In the Beginning
Project: From Old to New
Medium: Blog
About: Last fall my husband and I purchased a 95 acre farm in Belledune New Brunswick Canada. We both lived in Belledune all of our lives. Belledune is located in Northern New Brunswick along the Bay of Chaleur, our beaches are clean and beautiful. We have a magnificent view of the Quebec Mountains.

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Read More About: 1916 Portland Bungalow

Site: 1916 Portland Bungalow
Project: Kitchen Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: "Follow our progress as we slowly remodel our 1916 Bungalow located in NE Portland, Oregon." It's a whole house remodel focusing on the kitchen remodeling aspect, with lots of great images, explanations of techniques used, and tips for other projects.

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Read More About: Finish your basement in (ENTER # HERE) easy steps

Site: Finish your basement in (ENTER # HERE) easy steps
Project: Finishing a basement into an adult hang-out pad
Medium: Blog
About: Come along with Mario and Jill as they take their basement from underutilized - primarily a place for cats to poop and other assorted items of cr@p to be stored - to a place for them to go and pretend that they aren't really grown-ups with a kid. One day, they will be able to sit at a wet bar, draw a beer from the tap and pretend that they don't really go to bed at 9:00 on Friday nights and they are still COOL and fun to hang out with. They can adjust to being boring adults much easier knowing that one day soon their basement will be home to a REALLY big tv.

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Read More About: Coastal Theme Home

Site: Coastal Theme Home
Project: Complete Home Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: A 1930 Dutch Colonial home gets the remodeling treatment. Tag along with Maya and her husband, Peter, as they set about reviving this coastal beauty in Tiverton, Rhode Island!

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Read More About: Dani's New Home

Site: Dani's New Home
Project: Landscape, flooring, electrical, bathroom
Medium: Blog
About: I have realized that my home is no longer the place I wanted it to be. I have neglected its maintenance, and the hurricanes here in Florida have not helped either. I have realized that I need to address it by remodeling my home. This blog is dedicated to that. I want to track and document all my experiences during this adventure with the hope that it can be useful to some of you.

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Read More About: Becoming Home

Site: Becoming Home
Project: Renovating house - kitchen remodel
Medium: Blog
About: This is the story of Ariana & Jeff, newlyweds who have just bought their first house. Ariana is a web designer and Jeff is a toy designer & illustrator and neither of them know anything much about owning a home…let alone how to renovate it which is what they have planned despite their lack of experience.

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Read More About: TheBrickRanch

Site: TheBrickRanch
Project: Exterior & Interior Ranch Home Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: TheBrickRanch is about Huber Heights Ohio and Teri Lussier’s take on this wacky place. You could think of this blog as a big family table. Go ahead — get a cup of coffee, kick off your shoes, and pull up a chair.

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Read More About: This Old Crack House

Site: This Old Crack House
Project: Complete renovation of former drug haven
Medium: Blog
About: We all have skeletons in our closets and crap to deal with, but Gary has the real thing! Little mouse skeletons from days of old and pounds of raccoon and pigeon poop covering the insulation in the attic – these are just a couple of the many obstacles he must overcome as he endeavors to turn a crack house into a family home.

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Read More About: Off Like a Herd of Turtles

Site: Off Like a Herd of Turtles
Project: Room & Garage Addition, Interior Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: Slow and steady wins the race and this herd of turtles is getting closer to the finish line with each passing day. This is a very detailed blog account of a major home remodel. It covers pretty much every visible step this couple has taken to create their dream home. With the tons of pictures you can really see the metamorphosis.

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Read More About: Gear Acres

Site: Gear Acres
Project: Whole House Restoration
Medium: Blog
About: Some things are just meant to be. That’s the way it was for Jan and her husband Roger. (maybe a little more for Jan) Not really looking for or needing a new house, Jan stumbled onto the listing for her dream house and seven months later, she and Roger were the proud new owners of ‘Gear Acres’. All it needs is a little electrical work, some paint, some plumbing...

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Read More About: Renovations

Site: Renovations
Project: Bedroom Addition/Renovation
Medium: Blog
About: Ahhhh, to be young and full of dreams! Adam and Sarah Grace are just that. They are the proud and excited first-time homeowners of a ranch style bungalow in WR, Georgia. Although the house is in great condition, they still want to do a little fixing up, make some changes and put their own personal stamp on the place.

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Read More About: 1900 Farmhouse

Site: 1900 Farmhouse
Project: Continuous Remodeling
Medium: Blog
About: Won over by technology with the purchase of his first cell phone, Joe took an even greater leap by starting a blog. He set it up as a means of keeping others up to date on his progress as he remodels his 1900 farmhouse in Portland, Oregon. You’ll quickly learn that he’s more than just a remodeler/renovator. His first post from May 2006 will attest to the fact that he’s also a gifted artist.

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Read More About: Old House Gazette

Site: Old House Gazette
Project: Renovation/Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: This is the story of a man restoring/remodeling the home he inherited from his grandmother in anticipation of the arrival of his fiancé and her son. So much to do, so little time, and living in the house while doing the fix-ups is a challenge unto itself! He takes us through various discoveries along with his restorations. His expertise lies in IT not carpentry, so we’ll see how he handles all of the obstacles that come his way with this ambitious undertaking. Plumbing, Wiring, Exterior Walls…

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Read More About: Building Blocks

Site: Building Blocks
Project: Whole House Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: A single mom straps on the tool belt to make a home for herself and her daughter all the while working at a fulltime job and attending classes two days a week. Read her blog and view the pictures to see it all come together. She describes the trials and tribulations of having to re-do what the previous owner did incorrectly and the anxiety of preparing for inspections. She’s fearless in the face of the unknown. - on the roof, on the ladder. What can’t she do? And where did she find the time to blog about it?

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Read More About: Creative Homeschooling

Site: Creative Homeschooling
Project: From Dump to Castle with Only 2,000 Dollars!
Medium: Blog
About: One family’s journey to fix and flip an old home. Four kids that are home-schooled and a 100+ year old house that’s been neglected for quite some time. What a combination! With a minute budget and a lot of elbow grease they are turning the pink beast around. They’ve torn out carpeting, refinished hardwood floors, painted, painted and painted, and the results are stunning.

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Read More About: Stevens Family Blog

Site: Stevens Family Blog
Project: Whole House Renovation
Medium: Blog
About: With the help of family and good friends, these newly weds (and new parents too) take on the challenge of turning a dilapidated relic into a warm and livable home. As is the norm with any older home restoration, you never know what you are going to find until the work gets started. Wood rot and unlevel floors are just two of the hurdles faced by these brave souls. They have done a terrific job of walking the readers of their blog(s) through the restoration process. The pictures and slide shows provide terrific inspiration.

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Read More About: Bearfort Lodge

Site: Bearfort Lodge
Project: Log Home Restoration
Medium: Blog
About: Restoration methods for the purist! This log home owner and restorer extraordinaire seems to have done it all. And if he hasn’t tried it himself, he’s certainly done his homework. He provides step by step, comprehensive instructions for preparing and applying wood preservative, cleaning solutions, chinking material and fixing logs from start to finish. And for those who just have to ask the question ‘Why?’, he’ll tell you that too. There’s nothing better than tried and true methods with logic behind them. Visit his blog for everything related to log structures.

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Read More About: Our Fixer Upper

Site: Our Fixer Upper
Project: Whole-house Restoration and Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: An inspector who said “every single surface needs to be fixed” and insurance issues early on haven’t deterred these two DIY’ers. They are bound and determined to restore their 1890’s Victorian Italianate to its former glory. He has a degree in Interior Design and owns and operates his own residential construction and remodeling company. She is a talented web designer (no wonder their blog is top notch!) who is learning the ins and outs of construction as they go along.

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Read More About: Carley Brook Farm

Site: Carley Brook Farm
Project: Victorian Farmhouse Restoration
Medium: Blog
About: Carley Brook Farm is a restoration project that involves retaining as many original features as possible, undoing what previous owners have done, and uncovering hidden surprises. Some of the not-so-pleasant tasks like replacing old knob and tube wiring and removing painted wallpaper are counter-balanced by the excitement of discovering the original maple floors in the kitchen and the beautiful condition of the original plaster walls beneath the wallpaper. This particular restorer goes the extra mile by preparing plaster the old-fashioned way (recipe to be included!) and where original elements are missing or they are beyond saving, he’s using vintage-look replacements. Modern conveniences will also be incorporated, but they’ll be camouflaged behind a period façade.

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Read More About: 10K Kitchen Remodel

Site: 10K Kitchen Remodel
Project: Kitchen Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: The kitchen is typically the most expensive room to remodel. This gentleman has chosen to attempt a major kitchen remodel on a tight budget of about 1/5th of the estimated cost. See how close he comes using DIY strategies and economical design solutions. Extremely well organized, he’s keeping a running total of all materials and expenses to track his progress.

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Read More About: Our New Farmhouse in Germany

Site: Our New Farmhouse in Germany
Project: Remodeling 1834 Timberframe Farmhouse
Medium: Blog
About: Another young couple, another old home. This time the story comes from afar - Germany, to be exact. Follow along as this industrious couple introduces you to renovations with foreign flare. In addition to the normal challenges an old structure poses, they also run into contractor issues, material supply issues and old German architectural complications. They’ve monopolized the trash bin market and should really consider buying shares at the rate they’ve been filling them up.

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Read More About: DIY Disaster Avoidance

Site: DIY Disaster Avoidance
Project: Master Bath Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: Learning and documenting. You have to love people who aren’t afraid to try new things! Not only are these two learning new tricks, but they’re doing an excellent job of posting the outcome of the projects they’ve tackled so far. What is particularly helpful to all readers of this blog are the instructions and comments provided for people who may want to try these projects and techniques themselves. They should be very proud of their hardwood floors, bathroom tile floors and ooooh, that shower!

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Read More About: Grassroots Modern

Site: Grassroots Modern
Project: Whole House Renovation
Medium: Blog
About: Moving in a new direction – it’s the modern contemporary revolution. In their quest for an affordable modern home, this couple scoured the real estate listings for affordable building lots, then suitable dwellings, and finally resorted to purchasing a small home (700 square feet!) in a transitional area not too far from one of their top neighborhood choices. Then came a different revolution – the metamorphosis. Planning an addition, remodeling existing features, designing and creating an amazing Japanese inspired bathtub.

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Read More About: Cliff May Restovation

Site: Cliff May Restovation
Project: Whole House Restovation
Medium: Blog
About: He’s a mid-century modern fan(atic). Beginning with the outside and working his way in from there, he’s simplified and beautified the outside by removing years of overgrown (and occasionally dead) plantings and freshened the exterior of his home with subtle colors and clean lines. The power of paint never ceases to amaze! Of course it doesn’t hurt to know your efforts aren’t being wasted on a wannabe – this house is a classic.

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Read More About: Drummond Home Restovation

Site: Drummond Home Restovation
Project: Whole House Restovation
Medium: Blog
About: If this isn’t ambitious, we don’t know what is. Ignoring the initial negative comments of family and friends, this recent graduate of Architecture at Kansas State University went with his gut and followed his dream. His goal was to tastefully restore a Donald Drummond home. Accomplishing a massive amount of work in what has truly been a short amount of time, and leaving next to nothing untouched, the results to date are incredible!

» Read More    » Vote    » Comment    Total Votes: 180    # Comments: 5

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