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10K Kitchen Remodel

10K Kitchen Remodel

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Site: 10K Kitchen Remodel
Project: Kitchen Remodel
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About: The kitchen is typically the most expensive room to remodel. This gentleman has chosen to attempt a major kitchen remodel on a tight budget of about 1/5th of the estimated cost. See how close he comes using DIY strategies and economical design solutions. Extremely well organized, he’s keeping a running total of all materials and expenses to track his progress.

Planning the Work – Working the Plan

He’s a planner, a list maker, and a woodworker in his spare time – all qualities that will come in handy when creating his new kitchen on a very tight $10K budget. This is the ultimate do-it-yourself project encompassing electrical work, plumbing and cabinet-making.

The summary of the remodel is extensive and includes:

  • adding a kitchen island
  • adding a built-in china hutch
  • installing a new granite countertop
  • re-working the lighting plan
  • installing new appliances
  • installing a new sink
  • constructing all new cabinets
  • re-sizing and installing new windows

He’s saving money by doing all of the labor himself, but is definitely not scrimping on the details, special features or the appearance of this kitchen remodel. The new kitchen will feature a wall oven and cooktop, a custom tile backsplash behind the cooktop and an appliance lift in the center island. The plan renderings available for viewing give you a very realistic idea of what the finished kitchen will look like. With efficiency and storage at the forefront of the design process, every inch of space will count. Kickplate drawers are installed to maximize what would otherwise be dead space and full pull-out extension shelves allow for easy access to all items in the lower kitchen cabinets. By making the window openings smaller, he’ll be able to accommodate more wall cabinets

Sharing the Wealth

Throughout his blog he shares his sources for and opinions on all items including building materials, hardware, tools and appliances. By using granite tile for the countertops, top of the hutch and island top rather than solid granite pieces, he is able to save a significant amount of money. Check this link for his step-by-step instructions on cutting and applying the granite tile.

Want to try remodeling your kitchen? You’ll find lots of inspiration on this blog, not to mention a wealth of information on materials and sources and excellent, easy to follow do-it-yourself instructions.

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