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1916 Portland Bungalow

1916 Portland Bungalow

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Site: 1916 Portland Bungalow
Project: Kitchen Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: It’s an old house with good bones, but the previous owner had a thing for blue. Joe and his wife, from 1916 Portland Bungalow, will eradicate the country blue theme with fresh paint and classic decorating ideas to bring this house, room-by-room, into the 21st century. He’s coined the phrase ‘Respectful Remodeling’. What that means is the remodeling choices they make will not only stand the test of time, but will work well with the style of their house. He’d like to think that if the average ‘Joe’ off the street was to view their home, he/she would assume that everything was original.

Inspiration Can Lead to a Long 'To Do' List

The kitchen required a major overhaul. They had thought they could get away with painting the cabinets, tiling over the masonite and putting down a new floor, but one thing led to another and the list for the kitchen grew substantially. Is it possible that a photo of their inspiration kitchen started the ball rolling?

The new flooring for the kitchen is Marmoleum Click Tiles and Joe provides excellent installation instructions for getting the look just right.

The majority of the materials used and items purchased for the kitchen were in keeping with the idea behind Joe’s phrase, ‘Respectful Remodeling’. They had special seedy glass cut to fit in their new upper cabinets, the countertop was created with hexagonal tiles, and the fridge is a very cool retro model called the Big Chill.

Hidden Treasure

While removing wallpaper during the demolition phase of the kitchen makeover, Joe uncovered two messages. Approximately 25 years earlier, someone else was renovating this same kitchen and wanted to leave a note for a future owner to find. The first message was written in English, but the second was in Latin. One of Joe’s readers was kind enough to leave a comment on that particular post with a translation.

The kitchen is nearing completion. With the attention to detail that Joe has displayed so far, we know that whatever they do with the rest of the house, it will be just as beautiful as the kitchen is turning out to be.

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