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Becoming Home

Becoming Home

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Site: Becoming Home
Project: Renovating house - kitchen remodel
Medium: Blog
About: This is the story of Ariana & Jeff, newlyweds who have just bought their first house. Ariana is a web designer and Jeff is a toy designer & illustrator and neither of them know anything much about owning a home…let alone how to renovate it which is what they have planned despite their lack of experience.

The house is a starter home, a 1340 sq. foot 3BR/1.5 Bathroom Colonial built in 1929 in Nanuet (Rockland County) NY. It’s in need of a lot of work, but has an irrepressible charm…so much so that despite the blatant water stains, sagging ceilings, rusted out appliances, small bedrooms, outdated kitchen and absence of any decorative details, Ariana & Jeff fell instantly in love with it.

This blog documents the progress and process of how this house becomes their home. From mortgage selection to renovations and design inspiration to finishing touches, Ariana shares their trials and tribulations.

Budget Friendly Shabby Chic

Jeff and Ariana's new house is being decorated in a decidedly shabby chic style with hits of mod art and bits of baroque for variety. Many of their decorating purchases have been made on ebay. The deals have been great even if it means there are a few too many painting jobs in the porch of projects.

Trial and Error

Sometimes the smallest spaces take the most time, imagination and innovation. This seems to have been the case with Jeff and Ariana's powder room. The postage-stamp size of this bathroom presented unique challenges. Keeping expenditures to a minimum meant decorating with paint and avoiding costly plumbing expenses by not moving any pipes or drains. They were able to replace the wall-mounted sink with a new petite pedestal model that matched the dimensions of the old sink. The painting, however, didn't go quite as smoothly. Using colors from her collection of paint tester pots, Ariana tried several stencil patterns, then moved on to smooshing, and finally, the night before their housewarming party, chose to repaint the powder room in the original solid color. An impulse purchase at Ikea turned out to be the perfect final touch.

Communicating With The Masses

Ariana's blog has developed quite a following and she's received lots of decorating advice and tips from devoted readers. If she has a question or needs an opinion, she asks her readers. The responses are varied and always of a helpful nature.

I just found your blog(s)
I just found your blog(s) and I absolutely adore everything you've done with your home!
I also love your blog!
I check it almost every day to see the new things you've done. Everything is really coming along beautifully--you should be proud of yourself! Thanks for the inspiration :)
Awww thanks!
Thanks Brooke, I'm blushing :) I hope you'll stop by often! Ariana Becoming-home
love your changes
i stumbled across this blog when i was doing a google search and i LOVE it! you have EXCELLENT TASTE and i only wish i had the sense and vision to make my house as classy and beautiful as yours! good luck with it!

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