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Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Votes: 70
Site: Building Blocks
Project: Whole House Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: A single mom straps on the tool belt to make a home for herself and her daughter all the while working at a full-time job and attending classes two days a week. Read her blog and view the pictures to see it all come together. She describes the trials and tribulations of having to re-do what the previous owner did incorrectly and the anxiety of preparing for inspections. She’s fearless in the face of the unknown. - on the roof, on the ladder. What can’t she do? And where did she find the time to blog about it?

Adventures In Building

Come along on the adventure as Misi and her dad take this ‘dried in’ house from a shell to a fully complete and functioning home.

When Misi purchased this house it was only partially built. It had exterior walls, some siding, a shingled roof and windows. With grand plans and an already full schedule, she and her dad took the bull by the horns and erected interior walls, installed the plumbing and HVAC, ran wiring for the electrical system, laid insulation and so much more. First, however; they had to fix all the things that the previous owner had done incorrectly, such as replacing the front door with a larger one so it would meet code and addressing the floor support issues.

Plumbing and Inspections

Misi ran the supply lines and her dad looked after the drain plumbing. All turned out well with the supply lines – with all the fittings she put together, she only missed soldering two. The drain plumbing was a bit of a different story. They tested it and it worked, however, the inspector had other ideas. They redid the drain plumbing and on the second go round it passed inspection.

With the plumbing and preliminary electrical inspections finally passed they could move on to drywall. In a brilliant move, Misi opted to have professionals install and mud the drywall. She also hired professionals to install and finish the hardwood floors. Between the time that the drywall was completed and before the hardwood floors went down, Misi, along with family and friends, primed and painted the interior walls. Now that the professionals were on the job, Misi and her dad were freed up to work on the porch. A fairly large undertaking, the porch required the digging of footings and lugging around sixteen foot long 2 x 8’s. When family came for a visit, they too went to work.

The Fly In The Ointment

There always has to be at least one major upset with every home project. The major upset for Misi was when she found out that all of the siding that had been installed on the exterior of the house had to come off because it was rotten. The siding that had been used was Hardie Board, which in itself was not a bad thing, but because it had never been painted it had absorbed moisture and was ruined. This little fly in the ointment cost approximately $6,000 to remedy. In another brilliant move, Misi decided to hire someone to look after that little job too.

The major hurdles were jumped, inspections were passed and the remaining work was mostly interior cosmetic finishes. Two days before her birthday, Misi was finally able to move in. It took just over a year to complete. A year of blood, sweat and quite likely tears, but now she and her daughter will have many years to enjoy living in their gorgeous new home.


my vote
Gals need to stick together! Keep up the good work!
Misi You are so hot and you deserve an awesome house. Good luck! The Fox
Great job Misi! How proud
Great job Misi! How proud you must be! Enjoy!
Great Job.
Great Job.
You have put alot of us guys to shame. Beautiful work. This is something to be proud of and not to mention YOUR HOT!!!! Good Luck...
Thanks to everyone who has shown me such support during the building and now for the contest - thanks for all your comments and votes - luv you guys!
Good job Misi! The house has
Good job Misi! The house has become so beautifull!
I am proud that I was able to be part of this grand adventure in your life. You are an inspiration to all and I am very very proud of you.
Great job! WAY TO GO!!
Great job! WAY TO GO!!
Awesome results
The house turned out beautifully! Sitting on that porch must be heaven.
proud friend
Go Misi, I am proud of you :). You gotta be a winner!
Building Blocks
You go girl !!! What an inspiration you are to every single mom out there.... Great job!
It's amazing to see the transformation from the frames to completion (or at least how it looks now)!

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