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Coastal Theme Home

Coastal Theme Home

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Project: Complete Home Remodel
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About: A 1930 Dutch Colonial home gets the remodeling treatment. Tag along with Maya and her husband, Peter, as they set about reviving this coastal beauty in Tiverton, Rhode Island!

A Roof Over Their Heads

A major priority and number one on their ‘to do’ list has been completed and in just one day no less! The all-important roof over their heads. With that looked after, they can concentrate on everything under it like the exterior siding, a new kitchen, two bathrooms, and lots of painting.

Plumbing took a little longer than the roof. And, as is often the case, the expense was a little more than expected, but they now have new vent pipes on all drains including sewage pipes and water supply lines have been run to the new upstairs bathroom and to the new bathroom in the kitchen.

With a positive attitude, the work on the kitchen bathroom continues. Sheets of drywall are hauled into the house to be used for building new walls around the bathroom and repairing old walls that were affected by plumbing work. Maya has chosen to think of this as exercise.

Making the Most of the View

Having a view and being able to enjoy it means working on the windows. The windows with an ocean exposure are naturally the ones in need of the most help. Peter has gone to work on three of the second floor windows – replacing the wood sills and using a little fiber glass for extra reinforcement. Maya has done her part in the living room by screwing shut the upper window panels and filling gaps with expandable foam. She’s hoping that this will help reduce cold air infiltration and heat loss over the colder months. The addition of some blown-in insulation should also help with this process.

Why Was Vinyl Ever Considered?

The issue of using vinyl siding for the house has been officially settled. Although they considered using vinyl shingles on the upper half of the house with wood or fiber cement siding on the lower half, Maya and Peter have made up their minds – white cedar shingles it will be.

This couple will have lots of other important decisions to make as they progress through the renovations on their ocean-side abode. They’re off to a great start and we hope to continue witnessing its transformation!

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