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Creative Homeschooling

Creative Homeschooling

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Site: Creative Homeschooling
Project: From Dump to Castle with Only 2,000 Dollars!
Medium: Blog
About: One family’s journey to fix and flip an old home. Four kids that are home-schooled and a 100+ year old house that’s been neglected for quite some time. What a combination! With a minute budget and a lot of elbow grease they are turning the pink beast around. They’ve torn out carpeting, refinished hardwood floors, painted, painted and painted, and the results are stunning.

Can You Say, “Let’s Make A Deal!”?

After only three weeks of looking for a fixer-upper, this family found and purchased a massive 100 plus year old home. A little late-night surveillance, a quick run through the next day with their realtor, an immediate offer – quickly followed by their acceptance of the seller’s counter-offer and presto! The place was theirs. They practically stole it at the bargain price of $87,000. At 3100 square feet, it’s a pretty hefty fix and flip project, but the inspection results came back and showed no major problems. They were off to a good start.

No Self-Control

Although she wasn’t planning to paint the living room until after returning from a trip, Jennie completely lost it – her self-control, that is. She popped over to the new house one day with the intention of only putting a few colors up for testing purposes and before she knew it, she was in line at the paint store. Those painting urges can be very difficult to shake off! It wasn’t until 1:30 in the morning when the entire living room was finished, that she was finally able to fully satisfy that bout of ‘mustpaintitis’. The before and after pictures she’s posted on her blog attest to what you can do with a little paint. The transformation is remarkable!

The painting didn’t end in the living room – it continued on in the dining room, the kid’s bedrooms, the master bedroom, the bathrooms, the hallways, the attached 700 square foot apartment and eventually to the exterior.

The Day The Pink Was Gone

According to Jennie, their house had been a big, ugly, pink eyesore for as long as many people in their town could remember. After three weeks of preparation, they began the huge task of transforming the exterior of the beast. Imagine how good she must have felt when people stopped their cars as they were driving by to comment on how nice it now looked and to thank her for changing it! The colors that were chosen for the exterior were olive green for the body, a soft white for the trim, and burgundy for the accents. And what does it look like now? Absolutely fantastic! It is clean and fresh, the white-trimmed windows stand out beautifully against the green body and the burgundy accents lend just the right amount of pop to the overall appearance. It’s no wonder she received such enthusiastic approval from total strangers.

A Finishing Touch For Inside and Out

Two and a half days and 29 windows later, the house looks even better. That is a lot of windows. Appearances aside, the new windows will do wonders for energy efficiency, and as Jennie states, when they are inside they’ve noticed a big reduction in noise coming from the outside.

The Pay Off

After painting the exterior, yet before the new windows were installed, they had their house re-appraised. All the hard work and a relatively small additional investment of $12,000 (that's a little more than what was originally estimated) has increased the value of this house by $75,000 over the price they paid for it just eight short months ago. Considering that they bought this house with the intention of fixing it up and flipping it, they are certainly headed in the right direction. The question that begs to be asked though is this, “What happens if they fall in love with the place and decide not to re-sell?”. I guess we’ll just have to keep checking back to see how the story ends.

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