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DIY Disaster Avoidance

DIY Disaster Avoidance

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Site: DIY Disaster Avoidance
Project: Master Bath Remodel
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About: Learning and documenting. You have to love people who aren’t afraid to try new things! Not only are these two learning new tricks, but they’re doing an excellent job of posting the outcome of the projects they’ve tackled so far. What is particularly helpful to all readers of this blog are the instructions and comments provided for people who may want to try these projects and techniques themselves. They should be very proud of their hardwood floors, bathroom tile floors and ooooh, that shower!

Welcome to Amy and Clint’s house! Join them as they endeavor to increase the value of their first home, as well as improve its appearance and their overall enjoyment of the space.

Minimum Cash - Maximum Results

One of the first projects they decided to work on was refinishing the hardwood floors. As Clint explained, it can feel like a daunting task at first, but he assured us that it really is quite easy. He and Amy were lucky enough to have hardwood floors hidden away beneath old carpet and a plywood sub floor. Don’t be fooled into thinking that he just sipped on his beer and filmed while his wife did all the demolition work. We’re pretty sure he managed to get his hands dirty too. Along with his play-by-plays on the steps involved with refinishing hardwood floors, Clint has provided excellent product reviews that will definitely help you in choosing the right equipment should you wish to undertake a similar project in your home. The budget breakdown shown after the completion of this project proves that with minimum investment and a little elbow grease you can add significant dollars to the resale value of your home.

A Vision Becomes Reality

Next on the ‘to do’ list was a major overhaul of the master bathroom. This would include replacing the original shower surround and installing tile on the bathroom floor. Clint did a lot of reading before deciding on what type of shower he wanted and how he could build it properly to ensure there would be no water or moisture issues. Although he envisioned a spectacular tiled shower with a rainfall shower head and body jets, he just didn’t feel comfortable with the amount of water that would be testing his DIY tile job on the floor of the shower. As a compromise he decided to tile the shower walls, but use a shower pan for the floor. The demolition of the old shower went smoothly with the exception of removing the old shower pan. It was glued to the plywood sub floor with construction adhesive. He chose to break it out and put in a new sub floor in the shower area. A new shower warranted some other new little extras like new plumbing with a mixer, body jets and rainfall shower head and a fan/light combination in the ceiling. Putting all of his reading and research to use, Clint installed the new sub floor, carefully making sure it was completely level, installed the new shower pan, and attached the cement board backer. Together, he and Amy tiled the shower walls. Clint said that the shower took a lot longer than expected. Whatever the reason for the length of time it took to complete, the end results were well worth it.

With the new shower up and running, work could begin on tiling the bathroom floor. Some of Clint’s floor tile tips include: removing the existing fixtures like the toilet and sink prior to beginning the tile installation, careful removal of the baseboard trim will allow you to reapply it once the new floor goes down, and do a dry tile layout first so you will know the proper placement of tiles and avoid having pieces that are too small at the ends of rows. As a result of a little trial and error on Clint’s part, he has been kind enough to provide a small list of things to avoid – don’t use mastic on large tiles, room temperature cannot be too cold, and there cannot be too much humidity in the air.

More for the DIY'r

Some of the other projects outlined by Clint on his blog are the installation of a dishwasher, installation of a garbage disposal and building a closet. Check out the helpful information provided with each of these topics and bookmark this blog – with no fear of the unknown, you never know what they’ll be up to next!

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