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Drummond Home Restovation

Drummond Home Restovation

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Site: Drummond Home Restovation
Project: Whole House Restovation
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About: If this isn’t ambitious, we don’t know what is. Ignoring the initial negative comments of family and friends, this recent graduate of Architecture at Kansas State University went with his gut and followed his dream. His goal was to tastefully restore a Donald Drummond home. Accomplishing a massive amount of work in what has truly been a short amount of time, and leaving next to nothing untouched, the results to date are incredible!

House History

The house, a Donald Drummond home, was designed by architect David B. Runnels and was part of the Revere Quality House Program. Donald Drummond pioneered modern residential architecture in Kansas City, Missouri. The Revere Quality House Program was one of several private organizations that promoted the use of modern principles of design by sponsoring award programs and offering seals of approval for successful innovative designs. These programs encouraged the collaboration of developers and modernist architects and recognized the broadening array of new and innovative home building materials and prefabricated methods of construction. Our blogger, Jerad Foster, purchased the house from the original owners who bought it in 1951.

Improving on History

People thought he was crazy to want to restore a run down 1950 ranch style home, but Jerad Foster was fully focused on his goal – to remodel a modern home, bringing it in to the 21st century while maintaining the beauty of the builder’s work and the architect’s design. He took possession in January 2006 and between that time and now, the house has seen almost a complete transformation. It started off as a dark and dreary three (small) bedroom house that hadn’t seen much in the way of updates throughout the course of its life.

The journey began with a gutting of the interior – removal of carpets, walls, bathroom fixtures, furnace and ceilings. His plan for replacing the old, inefficient furnace with a new high efficiency one, was a perfect opener for re-running ductwork. With the ceilings and unnecessary walls out of the way he was ready to go. The gutting process had revealed some wood rot in the lower level (flood damage) where the kitchen and dining rooms had been, as well as in the upper level bathroom behind the old cast iron tub. Some new framing took care of these issues and framing for the new ductwork was also put in place.

The layouts of the upper and lower levels were changed. In the lower level, the dining area and kitchen were combined into one room as opposed to the original two. Space was carved out for a half bath and a utility room that would house the new furnace, hot water heater and a stacking washer/dryer. Before much of anything could happen in the utility room, the plumbing, which was encased in the concrete slab floor had to be exposed, repaired and then covered over again with new concrete. On the upper level, three small bedrooms became two and the bathroom was given a little extra square footage. To enhance the open feeling of the space, the wall separating the bedrooms from the hallway was removed. Sliding doors will be installed and used to cover the bedroom openings whenever necessary. The low ceilings in the hallway and the bathroom were removed, exposing the post and beam construction just like in the bedrooms and living room area. This also helped make the bathroom feel larger.

By the end of the first six months, this dated house had all new electrical wiring, new plumbing, new windows, a new furnace and ducting, freshly painted ceilings in the upper and middle levels, new cellulose insulation in the walls, a new exterior door from one bedroom to the balcony, a repaired and clean swimming pool with a new liner (and a new depth), and Jerad had begun the installation of birch plywood panels on the interior walls. Wheeeew! Even with this much work completed he was forced to push back his move-in date and there was still a lot to be accomplished. The custom kitchen cabinets had arrived, but needed to be installed, the new windows had to be trimmed, and he had yet to start building the very cool closets that would separate the two bedrooms. No worries, because this was a man with a plan!

The passing of August and September 2006 brought about even more dramatic change. In what must have seemed like a whirlwind of activity, a large number of items were checked off the ‘to do’ list. The birch plywood wall panels were completed which meant that wall switches and electrical outlets could be wired and light fixtures connected. All of the floors were finished – cork on the upper and middle levels with tile in the lower level, as well as at the entry door and in front of the fireplace. The completion of the floors cleared the way for the kitchen cabinets and appliances to go in, bathroom fixtures to be installed and the funky sliding doors for the bedrooms to be hung. The closets were not only started, but finished. And then, came a truly life changing event……the house inspection! As Jerad states in his blog, they "passed with flying colors".

Moving In and Moving Forward

The day after passing the house inspection, Jerad moved in. The interior was pretty much done, so with the arrival of the New Year, he turned his attention to exterior projects. Favorable weather conditions (thanks to global warming) played a significant part in making the decision to build a two-car garage. And with a construction industry slowdown, his father’s crew was available to provide the extra manpower to tackle the garage, as well as a number of other outdoor jobs. The first thing to go was the porch; it was followed shortly by the existing fence, misshapen trees, the balcony railing, and finally the old garage. Replacement work began immediately. Unable to find the same type of cypress siding that was used when the house was built, bad sections were replaced with cedar, milled to replicate the original profile. A new slatted railing for the balcony was put in place, the new fence was started and the plans for the garage swung into action. By the end of March 2007, not only did Jerad have a new garage (minus a few finishing touches), but he also had a new poured concrete driveway, walkway and patio around the pool.

Continuing along the landscaping path, he has surrounded the staggered walkway slabs with river rock, spread dirt around the edges of the patio in the backyard to level out the ground, and has planted some trees and bamboo. The house and yard were opened for viewing as friends were welcomed with an inaugural barbeque the last weekend of April.

The story doesn’t end here. As most homeowners will attest, it never really ends! Stay tuned to find out if Jerad decides to stain the garage to match the fence or paint it to match the house. Your comments are invited - feel free to drop him a note and tell him your thoughts. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens next and we hope you are too!

Best restoration
I seen many restorations, but none with such detail of the era. Good Job
Do you know a real estate agent or website that specializes in offering Drummond homes for sale? We're getting ready to buy our very first house in Kansas and I want it to be special, focusing on Kansas architecture. Where does a non architecture student begin her research about Kansas homes with that special flair? (And I loved reading your blog, it was very inspiring.)
Reply to Drummond
You need to look to www.kcmodern.com. Send an email to either Scott Lane, or Bob Myers. They specialize in Mid Century Modern Homes and have a vast knowledge of some very cool homes. If you can't get ahold of them let me know. Good Luck Jerad
dreams do come true
It's been great seeing you achive one of your dreams come true you have grown up alot these last few years.Good luck
need more interior shots,
need more interior shots, I've been inside, it's worth showing off! it's great to see photos of the exterior progress. looking good!

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