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Finish your basement in (ENTER # HERE) easy steps

Finish your basement in (ENTER # HERE) easy steps

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Site: Finish your basement in (ENTER # HERE) easy steps
Project: Finishing a basement into an adult hang-out pad
Medium: Blog
About: Come along with Mario and Jill as they take their basement from underutilized - primarily a place for cats to poop and other assorted items of cr@p to be stored - to a place for them to go and pretend that they aren't really grown-ups with a kid. One day, they will be able to sit at a wet bar, draw a beer from the tap and pretend that they don't really go to bed at 9:00 on Friday nights and they are still COOL and fun to hang out with. They can adjust to being boring adults much easier knowing that one day soon their basement will be home to a REALLY big tv.

How Many Steps Will It Take?

The transformation began with an unfinished basement – something many of us are familiar with - no framed walls, a concrete floor, a lovely view of the main floor ceiling joists, electrical wires, plumbing pipes, and lots of stuff randomly stacked and stored.

Step 1 - Framing & Sheetrock

Step 2 - Priming & Painting

Not able to find a wall color they truly liked, they would up mixing together two of their top picks – Hubbard Squash and Roycroft Adobe. The result is a very attractive muted orange/terra cotta. The ceilings weren’t high enough to install a drop ceiling, so instead they opted to paint it as well and are very pleased with how it turned out.

Step 3 - Lighting & Trim

Step 4 - Flooring & Baseboard Molding

Step 5 - The Really Big TV

Step 6 - Some new furniture

Step 7 - The Bar Area

The bar was an essential element of their basement-remodelling plan. Seeing the bar area come together has been a pleasure. The framing didn’t look like much at the start, but what a transformation! It’s a fully functional space with sink, cabinets, refrigerator and a stunning granite bartop!

So far it has taken them 7 Steps to get to this level of completion in their basement renovation. It is already a warm, welcoming refuge for the weary parents of a busy little monkey. We wish them all the best as they move on to the bathroom and we look forward to seeing the final results.

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