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Gear Acres

Gear Acres

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Site: Gear Acres
Project: Whole House Restoration
Medium: Blog
About: Some things are just meant to be. That’s the way it was for Jan and her husband Roger. (maybe a little more for Jan) Not really looking for or needing a new house, Jan stumbled onto the listing for her dream house and seven months later, she and Roger were the proud new owners of ‘Gear Acres’. All it needs is a little electrical work, some paint, some plumbing...

Why Gear Acres?

Jan, having noticed that several of their would-be neighbors had classic cars, made a comment that the area looked like gear acres. Their real estate agent picked up on that comment and had a slate plaque made up with Gear Acres inscribed on it. The day of the closing, Jan and Roger were presented with the plaque. Quite an appropriate house warming gift as they are both car enthusiasts.

Bringing In The Heavy Equipment

In order to clean up at least sixteen years worth of dirt mounds, trees, grass, weeds and general overgrowth on the north side of their new yard, it was essential to bring in some heavy equipment – this was something Roger was all for. They rented a skid steer with a shovel and a jackhammer attachment for $400. After rearranging dirt and boulders, removing six stumps, and cleaning up the mess, they also managed to remove a side concrete porch and a small concrete landing at the back door. How’s that for a weekend’s worth of work? That skid steer was worth every penny!

A Little Inside and Lots More Out

Future plans for the kitchen will likely involve gutting it completely, however for the time being, they are satisfying themselves by merely removing and replacing many layers of ceiling and doing away with upper cabinets on either side of the sink in favour of using open shelving.

With a lot of homework under her belt Jan set about the chore of refurbishing the old windows. She started on the inside and once the weather warmed up, moved to the outside. Stripping multiple coats of paint – some up to 1/8 of an inch thick in places – she made tremendous progress. Windows that had been painted shut for who knows how many years were now operational.

The outside work continued with the installation of a new gas meter, edging of the driveway, cedar siding repairs, cedar shingle repairs and plenty of landscaping.

Where There’s A Will…

In what can only be described as creative genius, Jan and Roger have implemented the use of a snow saucer to assist with moving heavy shrubs and boulders to their various new homes around the property. Plant items and large rocks are placed onto the saucer and towed behind the lawn tractor. According to Jan, the supervisor, it works great. The saucer doesn’t leave ruts, and she doesn’t even break a sweat!

The will to paint the exterior of the house must not be strong enough yet. Either that or they’re working on some top-secret new painting method that’s not ready to be revealed. Exterior painting seems to be Jan’s only downfall. She’s provided us with a visual, but somehow between landscaping, racing, and the weather she just hasn’t been able to get around to it. We’re just teasing you Jan; we all know how it is! The call of the hosta is much louder than the call of the paint brush!

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