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HERE IS THE HOUSE...where it all happens

HERE IS THE HOUSE...where it all happens

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Site: HERE IS THE HOUSE...where it all happens
Project: Gut Renovation of 3-family, 1890's townhouse
Medium: Blog
About: Illegal squatters, homicidal neighbors, thieving subcontractors, massive water damage, hidden rooms, broken bones, screaming parrots and $9000 stove that doesn’t turn on. What do all these things have in common? They can all be found at the 1890’s, 3 family townhouse that Dana and Eric bought and gut renovated over the last 4 years. And what a wild ride it’s been for them.

Follow along with every painstaking reiteration of the floor plans, every appliance thought and nitty-gritty faucet and tile research decision from the beginning with extra added payoff! Since the house is now over 95% complete you can pretty much see the visual fruits of all their labor.

Chronicling their house hunting disappointments, court battles, appraisal debacles and department of building interaction extensively, this blog adds a layer of fun red tape related discussion on top of the usual planning and renovation topics. Their decisions to live in the house while the gut renovations ensued provides a litany of disaster-related stories that pile up on top of one another at such a frantic pace there is nothing to do but laugh (and hopefully learn)

With their trusty parrots on their shoulders, Dana and Eric navigate the waters of the wonderfully corrupt and often infuriating Brooklyn renovation scene so you don’t have to. Hop on board for some schadenfreude!

Awesome! Have you thought of an outdoor kitchenette?
My wife and I completed a major renovation last year of our interior kitchen, and we are as thrilled with it as you seem to be with your backyard. We're now discussing an outdoor cooking station, with a grill (you already have one of those, I see) and some cabinetry around a sink and fridge. Have you thought of that? We got all of our materials for our other project from Total Kitchen Store (http://www.totalkitchenstore.com), and I just called to see if they sell outdoor cabinets. They do! Anyway, just thought I'd drop the lead your way if you are interested. Art
Uber creative! love the shoeboxes~!
great blog!
I love this blog and all the photos of the remodeling! Unfortunately, though, it has created in me an intense desire to purchase a color-changing faucet that I surely cannot afford...

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