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In the Beginning

In the Beginning

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Site: In the Beginning
Project: From Old to New
Medium: Blog
About: Last fall my husband and I purchased a 95 acre farm in Belledune New Brunswick Canada. We both lived in Belledune all of our lives. Belledune is located in Northern New Brunswick along the Bay of Chaleur, our beaches are clean and beautiful. We have a magnificent view of the Quebec Mountains.

The property we purchased had a metal dome barn on it and an old house. The house was built in 1935 after a fire destroyed most of the homes in the area. This house was built by the government to help the homeless people. The owner in 1935 was a McCurdy he lost the house and farm to taxes in 1936. The property was then purchased by a Furgison who may have lived in it for a year or so. In 1939 the farm was sold to Harold Ellis who farmed the land and used the house for storage of hay and oats. In 1955 Mr. Ellis gave the farm to his son Norman who used the grounds to graze his sheep and the house for hay,oats and potatoes. Norman retired in 1980, the house stood alone for the next 26 years until my husband and I purchased it. The home was never finished inside, the kitchen was the only room that was finished with pine boards on the walls and ceiling.

Visit our blog to read more about our remodeling adventure!

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