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Killer Queen

Killer Queen

Votes: 54
Site: Killer Queen
Project: National Historic Register Interior Restoration
Medium: Blog
About: Sometimes we here at RMS realize that there are times when it's best we say nothing, and let the the stars do the talking. So the rest of what you'll read is directly from this entry's blog:

An Intro to Chaos... People say you should never do any of these in the same year: buy a house, sell a house, change jobs / careers, have a baby. We did them all. 3 in one month. 2 on the same day.

Read an excerpt from their blog about the amazing and historic Victorian home they are transforming...

The house is on the National Historic Register - the "Cyrus B. Cobb House". It was built by a local entrepreneur from 1885-1889. It has only been owned by a handful of people since then. It's built in the "Queen Anne" Victorian style, which was popular around the turn of the century. It's a behemoth - solid brick, probably 250 tons worth of it. The amazing thing about this house is that it's one of the last of its kind in White Bear Lake. And it probably shouldn't be there at all - a tornado came through town years ago and devastated many of the old homes in the area. This one lost its front porch and gable, as well as the turret that was nestled on top of the angled windows you can see in the picture above. We hope to restore both of those features... eventually :).

Killer Queen - Victorian
Hope you win. We too have gutted to the studs and remodeled a home. It's exciting, challenging and rewarding. You'll have lots of memories.
Killer Queen
Hope you win!
I hope you win.
I hope you win.
I love old Victorian homes,
I love old Victorian homes, the era they represent and the fun architecture they bring a community. To have this home restored will certainly add to charming downtown White Bear. My vote goes here.
Home is Where the Heart
Home is Where the Heart is...enjoy the remodel!
Killer Queen
There are beautiful old homes with diverse architecture and history near the lake in downtown White Bear. I am excited for this couple to restore this home to it's original beauty. And then... I hope they have an "Open House" so we can share in their joy! I hope you win! Cindy
Victorian house
I hope they are successful in bringing this house back to its glory! I vote for them!
Queen Killer
This is a great project and has my vote
They need it most!
Hope u win!
This is a talented, artistic
This is a talented, artistic couple. They have our vote. Ed, Maze
queen killer
they have my vote
This is a lovely old house!
This is a lovely old house, badly in need of restoration! It begs to have a family living in it again. I hope this young couple (they just had a baby) will win!

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