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la maitresse de maison

la maitresse de maison

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Site: la maitresse de maison
Project: Home Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: The kitchen of Amy and Joe’s new house doesn’t come anywhere close to the one they left behind. They’ve come from slate floors to stick-on tiles and corian counter tops to faux marble laminate. There’s plenty of room for improvement, and Amy and Joe are the right people for the job. With the three-year remodel of a 100 year old house already under their belts, they are anxious and excited about the prospect of an encore performance.

Inspiring Changes

Some changes for the living area were obvious. The ceiling and the fake wood beams had to go. Joe replaced the original with a gorgeous box ceiling complete with recessed lighting. Amy removed the carpet in anticipation of new bamboo flooring in a very shiny, very sexy and very dark finish called Sambuca. Although she asked her readers for inspiration, Amy truly seems to have everything under control. The living area has been painted a subtle blue that will provide a lovely back drop for the red sofa, orange Eames rocker and if Santa is generous, burnt sienna FLOR tiles.

Kitchen Wish List

Amy’s not asking for much in the kitchen - just a gas range, chalkboard wall, places for drinking martinis, eating oatmeal cookies, building playdough masterpieces, and the odd sunny nook here or there.

Sunny nooks shouldn’t be a problem with a sunroom just off the kitchen, and the gas range didn’t pose much of a challenge, but the fridge she purchased was just a tad too big for the opening. Looks like it won’t be too long before the kitchen becomes the main focus. Then it will be on to America’s ugliest bathroom and the not-so-pretty master bedroom.

Cheap Feathers For Your Nest

Amy is a budget-conscious decorator and has generously shared a list of resources for other people who are keen to furnish and decorate their homes on a tight budget. One of Amy’s inexpensive ideas can be seen in the bedroom of her youngest son, Blaise. She felt he needed a little more wall art, so she wrote the lyrics of a song on a vertical stretch of wall.

Home for the Holidays

The chimney has been swept and they’ve received the go ahead to build a fire. With a little bit luck and no unexpected delays they’ll get the fireplace refaced, install a new mantle (of Joe’s making), and have a warm and welcoming home for the holidays.

Hope you get all you want
Hope you get all you want

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