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Little Ranch

Little Ranch

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Site: Little Ranch
Project: Kitchen & Bath Renovation / Decoration
Medium: Blog
About: Shagadelic carpeting in shades of orange, green, brown and yellow was not enough to scare this family away. They bought their 1976 ranch style home in 2004 and are slowly but surely bringing it up to date. No more views directly into the neighbor’s kitchen window – they can look out their windows and survey their ‘land’.

Landscaping With a Truck and a Chain

Lea and her husband, Jon, made fast friends with their new neighbor and as a result, that neighbor helped them out with a little landscape demolition - the removal of twenty-one overgrown and unpleasant smelling junipers. A truck and a chain made quick work of it. With tires spinning and mud flying, they pulled out every one of those junipers, roots and all.

Lea has admitted to the fact that she has a ‘brown thumb’ when it comes to growing plants, so gardening has become her husband’s territory. He’s done a fabulous job of taking a wet, yucky, low-lying drainage area (Lea’s words) and turned it into a wonderful meandering dry creek bed. It truly enhances their property and does away with what was quite likely a nasty mosquito breeding area.

With new grass growing and some landscaping looked after, they decided to focus their attention on inside projects such as the kitchen, fireplace, bathroom, master bedroom and office.

Time Waits for No Man (or Woman)

As time marched on, what Lea thought would only take one weekend, ended up taking more like eight weekends. That’s often the case with renovations and Lea’s kitchen was no exception. There were a few low points like the mouse poop that rained down when they were removing an original upper cabinet and the one damaged base cabinet from Home Depot, but all in all the kitchen makeover was a huge success.

Lea gives much credit to her patient, handyman husband. We think Lea should receive credit for seeing the potential of a room and taking, or at least starting, the action required to realize her visions.

Good luck! =)
Good luck! =)

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