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Making It Lovely

Making It Lovely

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Site: Making It Lovely
Project: New kitchen, new bedroom floors, and updating an entire old house
Medium: Blog
About: Nicole and Brandon bought their first house. It’s a circa 1920’s bungalow that came with a pretty clean bill of health (and an awesome Nelson Bubble Lamp). No structural work, no major reworking of electrical or plumbing required, but it definitely needed a pick-me-up in the decorating department! The creative process started immediately and hasn’t slowed down yet.

A Change of Plans

Originally, they planned to make some inexpensive cosmetic improvements to the kitchen and redo the upstairs bathroom, however, upon further inspection, the kitchen proved to be the needier of the two. With a slim budget of $10,000 it was taken from dark, dreary and dated to bright, cheery and modern.

Those ideas for inexpensive cosmetic improvements were applied to their upstairs bathroom. Many people who encounter blue bathroom fixtures would simply rip them out. Through lots of virtual design trials with Photoshop and the input of many loyal blog readers, Nicole made them work. The finished product is a far cry from its humble beginnings and is a testament to what can be accomplished with only a few hundred dollars.

She’s So Modest

The area at the top of the stairs on the second level is a multi-purpose space. It’s a hallway, landing and library all rolled into one. At one point it was even used as a temporary sleeping and dressing room while they were working on their bedroom. In one of Nicole’s posts she indicated that it was coming along nicely. The library came along so ‘nicely’ that it was featured along with some of Nicole and Brandon’s other gorgeous rooms in a house tour at Apartment Therapy : Chicago.


The work undertaken by Nicole and Brandon has provided inspiration for those who read her blog and visit Apartment Therapy : Chicago. Now you can be inspired too. We know there’s more to come and we’re looking forward to following along as they continue making it lovely.

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