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Marblehead Prospects

Marblehead Prospects

Votes: 27
Site: Marblehead Prospects
Project: Antique colonial home renovation
Medium: Blog
About: Thankful for all of the online education they’ve received from other weekend warriors through blogs and forums, Paul and Sacha decided they’d like to ‘give back’ to the online home improvement learning community by setting up and starting a blog on their own home improvement endeavors. Anyone who takes the time to read their posts will be glad they did.

Starting at the Bottom

Beginning with the in-law suite on the lower level, they pretty much gutted the small bathroom before putting it back together in a brighter and more spacious fashion. The dark and unappealing bedroom was transformed into a fresh and modern space with paint, new carpet and inexpensive, yet stylish furniture and accessories.

Moving Up

Paul and Sacha are the perfect example of people who think, research and plan before jumping in head first. Their kitchen was demolished in April and not functional again until September. Many people would be in such a hurry to get that part of their house up and running again that they would do poor planning and thoughtless purchasing. Not these two! They took their positions as general contractors very seriously. First, they created a list of the kitchen renovation jobs they could do themselves (to save money), then they found a contractor/builder who would work with them on their terms. After conducting many interviews and checking tons of references, they also hired an electrician and a plumber. Wanting to get it right the first time, they did extensive research on cabinets, flooring and appliances before making these major purchases.

They haven’t allowed themselves to be limited to small, inefficient rooms. They’ve re-planned the layout of the entire second floor, removed walls, relocated the kitchen from the left side of the house to the back wall, added a bathroom and replaced a window with French doors. The new layout effectively improved the flow of the space and allowed them to take advantage of natural light from all sides.

This industrious young couple has made a lot of progress on two levels. With one more level to go, they are well on their way to a complete renovation. We can all learn a lot from the way they’ve planned and carried out the work that needed to be done. Thank you to Paul and Sacha for sharing their adventures, and here’s to their continued success!

Amazing! You guys are not
Amazing! You guys are not only exceptional at remodeling your home but also great bloggers! Good job!!!
THANKS for all your down to earth advice!
For young couples with a very tight budget, you guys area SO INFORMATIVE and really help walk me through your decisions. I love how you are so great about directing us to websites, software, cabinets, furniture everything to get the look and best quality for the price! Can't wait to get started on my new house and using your ideas on it! THANKS PAUL AND SACHA!
Very Stylish work and tastful color schemes. Given me some great ideas this side of the atlantic. For people with little or no experience I'd say FIRST PRIZE!
For novices you have done an
For novices you have done an outstanding job and should be highly credited for your work and effort. You deserve the prize for sure!

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