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Off Like a Herd of Turtles

Off Like a Herd of Turtles

Votes: 25
Site: Off Like a Herd of Turtles
Project: Room & Garage Addition, Interior Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: Slow and steady wins the race and this herd of turtles is getting closer to the finish line with each passing day. This is a very detailed blog account of a major home remodel. It covers pretty much every visible step this couple has taken to create their dream home. With the tons of pictures you can really see the metamorphosis.

Going Up?

They’re building up, way up so they can take advantage of the gorgeous view. Sam spends twelve-hour days working on the house and Kim helps out wherever and whenever she can. There’s always a surprise for her when she arrives home at the end of the day.

The start of the project saw Sam playing working with the big equipment necessary for digging two sets of trenches. The first set of trenches would accommodate an in-ground drainage system to direct surface water away from the foundation and the second set of trenches were for the footings of the new garage and the two additional stories which would be built above it.

So Many Features

From angled windows to a cantilevered bathroom, unique details abound in this contemporary remodel. The new flat roof portions are perfectly sloped ever so slightly so water can escape through the French drains. No detail has been overlooked and no compound cuts are too complex for Sam and his assortment of toys tools.

Phase Two

As work on the first part of the project – the garage, new bedrooms and one section of the aerie - came to completion, they turned to the inside. Walls came down to open up the interior of the existing structure. Some minor modifications in the kitchen, which included hanging a wall-mount rangehood from the ceiling, made for a showroom-quality kitchen so open and airy, even non-cooking individuals would like to get in there and go to work!

In order to begin construction on the second phase - building on top of the existing portion of the house - more foundations had to be poured and an extremely heavy beam (650 lbs), that spans the entire width of the original house, had to be put in place in the ceiling. Of course that meant more demolition.

The End Is In Sight

It looks like all the demo work is done and they are tying in the old structure to the new. The stairs are going up! The end is in sight. A massive garage for Sam, a top-of-the-world aerie for Kim, and beautiful spaces in between.

Looking better all the time!
Looking better all the time! Can't wait to see it.
Can't wait to see it in person
It all looks fantastic! I can't wait to come out for Thanksgiving and see you both and the house.
Quick, finish that house - i have projects to do....
the place looks great guyes. time to wrap it up so i can start using the garage for my needs..., a selfish request tho. woohoo!!!
Nice job on the bread, Kim.
Nice job on the bread, Kim. Oh and the kitchen looks great.
Thanks, Ashley! I'm pretty
Thanks, Ashley! I'm pretty pleased with both the bread AND the kitchen! :)

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