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Site: Old House Gazette
Project: Renovation/Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: This is the story of a man restoring/remodeling the home he inherited from his grandmother in anticipation of the arrival of his fiancé and her son. So much to do, so little time, and living in the house while doing the fix-ups is a challenge unto itself! He takes us through various discoveries along with his restorations. His expertise lies in IT not carpentry, so we’ll see how he handles all of the obstacles that come his way with this ambitious undertaking. Plumbing, Wiring, Exterior Walls…

In The Beginning

The house was purchased by his grandmother in 1955, inherited by Larry in 2001, and as far as he can tell, the original part of the house was built sometime between 1828 and 1850. Throughout the renovation process, Larry has come across all kinds of oddities. He’s a packrat, as was his grandmother before him, so you can just imagine all the ‘stuff’ he’s had to work around. Kudos to the man for trashing as much as he has! In a moment of weakness he actually made a list of all the projects that required attention. The number of items would have been overwhelming even for a team of contractors. Here is just a small sample:

Master Bedroom
Replace Windows
Repair Chimney
Lay Attic Floor
Install Insulation
Run Electrical
Remove Linoleum Flooring
Install Carpet

Empty Room
Replace Windows
Install Planks and Wainscoting on all Walls
Install Ceiling
Paint Walls and Ceiling
Sand and Stain Floor
Install Lighting Fixtures

Stairs and Upstairs Hall
Remove Plaster and Lathe
Install Window
Strip Paint from Balustrade
Paint Walls and Ceiling
Paint Floor and Stair Treads
Paint Risers and Trim

Living Room
Remove all Plaster
Install Insulation in Walls
Replace Windows
Finish Plank Ceiling
Run Electrical in Walls
Paint Walls and Trim

Laundry Room/Pantry
Remove Darkroom
Install Door to Garage
Level Floor
Install Sub Floor
Replace Window
Install Insulation
Add Electrical
Install Plumbing for Washer and Dryer
Install Washer and Dryer

This isn’t everything – there are more rooms and more projects within each room! The actual list is a mile long and with little time and even less money to devote to these renovations, it’s no wonder he seemed to work in fits and starts. Although it’s difficult early on to detect major progress, the house has slowly and surely started to come together. Once Larry’s fiancé, Sian and her son, Jordan, arrived the work really heated up and the improvements were much more visible. Could it be that all it took was a woman’s touch?

Just Say No To Laundromats

No one likes to go to the laundromat, so building a laundry room became an immediate priority. The inside and the outside have changed dramatically. War was waged, and from the chaos and humble beginnings, emerged a fully functioning space complete with brand spanking new appliances.

Before and After

Larry’s house truly has come a long way. Working on the interior and the exterior, often at the same time may have slowed him down somewhat, but you can see major changes simply by looking at earlier posts compared to more recent posts. The picture of the exterior of the addition looks totally different from his first post in September 2005 as compared to pictures taken in April 2007.

Transforming a bachelor pad into a warm and cosy family home is no easy feat, but we know Larry, Sian and Jordan aren’t going to quit until they have everything just the way they want. We wish them all the best as they continue on their quest.


This is a GREAT blog!
This is a GREAT blog!

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