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Our New Old House

Our New Old House

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Site: Our New Old House
Project: Restoring & Renovating 1918 Bungalow
Medium: Blog
About: Kelli and Brandon are the excited new owners of a Craftsman bungalow built in 1918. And no, it’s not in the 90210 zip code. They’ve probably heard all the cracks there are about their names and the fictional TV couple they share them with, so we’ll leave it at that! This real life couple has purchased a real old house in need of some serious help. So much help in fact, that they were having a little difficulty finding a company to insure them while repairs and renovations were done that would bring it back up to code. With three days to go before closing the insurance issue was positively resolved – talk about cutting it close!

A Fire in the Hearth

One of their initial concerns and largest expenses was the chimney/fireplace. Two separate inspections indicated that the chimney was in pretty bad shape – something they’d already guessed based on the bricks that were resting on the roof and the gaping holes in the chimney where those bricks were supposed to be. They were given several options for how they could proceed.

  1. Restore it to being a traditional working fireplace.
  2. Retrofit it with a fireplace insert.
  3. Seal off the chimney and give up the ‘working’ fireplace idea.

Take one look at their living room and its potential, and you’ll immediately understand why they ignored the third suggestion altogether. A working fireplace would totally make the space! They chose to go with option number two and quote number two - a wood fireplace insert with a lined chimney pipe that would offer increased energy efficiency and a quote that came in at $1000 lower than the first estimate.

They've Got the Power!

Knob and tube wiring with scary splices and very low amperage necessitated a complete rewiring of the electrical system. It was another major concern and major expense that had to be addressed right away. In its ‘as purchased’ state, they figured they were getting about 40 amps of service to the house. Very minimal service compared to the 100 amp service that most houses have. Multiple bids were gathered for this system upgrade too and within two weeks of taking possession, the electrical system was addressed and remedied.

Kelli and Brandon aren’t sitting around wondering what to do next. They are taking action. If you want to get in on some of their action, take a tour of their blog. And be sure to check out their photo galleries for a visual tour of their new old house.

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