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Project Kraemer Lane

Project Kraemer Lane

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Site: Project Kraemer Lane
Project: Whole House Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: With one Victorian home renovation already under their belts, they’ve pulled up stakes and moved to Berks County, Pennsylvania where they’re hip deep in restoring and updating another old beauty. Brett and Rich are both hard at work putting the education they earned from their previous restoration project to good use on the inside and on the outside of their new home.

Not ones to sit back and rest on their laurels, these two have literally dug right in. A new 90-foot perennial bed and a series of raised garden beds now adorn their 2-1/2 acre property. Before they could beautify, however; there was much clean up to be done. Vines, brush, overgrown ivy, weeds, diseased trees – load after load of mess was removed.

When the weather turned cold, they turned to the interior. Starting on the third floor and working his way down, Rich ran all new wiring for electrical, cable and phone. Brett kept himself busy by sanding and repairing woodwork.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Although buying new is sometimes easier, there’s a definite feeling of satisfaction that comes from practicing the three R’s. These are just a few examples of where those three R’s were applied:

  • The wood from the diseased trees was made into mulch for pathways between their raised garden beds.
  • Boards from the floor of the eaves were removed for use in floor repairs throughout the house.
  • A small window from the old potting shed was incorporated in the first floor bathroom. It’s a match for other windows in the house and although smaller in size, it was perfect in the space.

And the Award Goes To…

For two guys who don’t seem to have off buttons, the kitchen renovation must have been a very painful process. As the grand prize winners of a $100,000 kitchen and dining room renovation from House Beautiful, they were at the mercy of the magazine’s ever-changing editorial decisions. From a very late project start to days where there wasn’t any action at all, they bravely persevered. The makeover finally came to an end and the results were stunning, but not without the homeowners getting their hands dirty too. Their eyes for detail and appreciation of quality workmanship led them to make a few adjustments.. If asked “Would they ever do it again?” The answer would be a resounding “No”.

Restoring and updating a house like the one here on Kraemer Lane is a massive undertaking. It takes true passion and commitment. Judging by everything we’ve seen and read, those are qualities that Rich and Brett have no shortage of. Like the rest of us, the only thing they may be short on is time. There are never enough hours in the day, or days in the week to accomplish everything we want to get done. For the guys at Project Kraemer Lane, we wish you a few 48-hour days and a couple of 14-day weeks. Just enough time to complete that amazing first floor bathroom, try out the new shower and relax on the front porch. Take a few minutes to enjoy more of the fruits of your labor before digging in to another project.

What a beautiful house and gardens. The focus on detail went to every inch of the property. The interior and exterior have been transformed into something beautiful. Hopefully soon you can just sit back and enjoy it all.
the work and love that has
the work and love that has gone into your home is unbelievable. You have come such a long way. Keep up the great work.
nice house dudes!!!
nice house dudes!!!

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