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Site: Renovations
Project: Bedroom Addition/Renovation
Medium: Blog
About: Ahhhh, to be young and full of dreams! Adam and Sarah Grace are just that. They are the proud and excited first-time homeowners of a ranch style bungalow in WR, Georgia. Although the house is in great condition, they still want to do a little fixing up, make some changes and put their own personal stamp on the place.

Will It Be Floor Plan 1 or Floor Plan 2?

It looks like they chose to purchase the perfect house. It’s big enough to house them and their two-year-old son, Andrew, but also offers room for expansion. Sarah Grace’s dream is to turn one of the windows in their living/dining area into a door and add on to the back of the house. She’s come up with several plans and possibilities and has also incorporated a Renovation Poll on her blog where others can cast their votes for the best room addition idea.

Cost is their major consideration in choosing the type of addition they’ll go ahead with. Because Adam’s father is a contractor, they’ll be able to avoid some of the expense, but the rest will have to be covered by a combination of their anticipated tax return and a construction loan.

Budget-Friendly Changes

Some of the budget-friendly changes that Adam and Sarah Grace have implemented include:

Changing Curtains
Removing Carpet
Adding Bookshelves
Removing Wallpaper

Their son, Andrew has a wonderful new room. Done in a Disney Cars theme, it’s a space any child would love. After removing the wallpaper, they painted the walls a welcoming blue and added a Cars border along with Cars wall stickers.

Until the time comes when they can get to work on their addition, there are always small, inexpensive changes that can be made. Sarah Grace, in her pre-remodeling trance, has plenty of time to dream up more floor plans and possibilities for their added space.

What a wonderful opportunity. Sarah, you have done a fantastic job laying out your thoughts and your wishes for your new home. Best of Luck!

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