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Stevens Family Blog

Stevens Family Blog

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Site: Stevens Family Blog
Project: Whole House Renovation
Medium: Blog
About: With the help of family and good friends, these newly weds (and new parents too) take on the challenge of turning a dilapidated relic into a warm and livable home. As is the norm with any older home restoration, you never know what you are going to find until the work gets started. Wood rot and unlevel floors are just two of the hurdles faced by these brave souls. They have done a terrific job of walking the readers of their blog(s) through the restoration process. The pictures and slide shows provide terrific inspiration.

Their Work Is Cut Out For Them

One look at the exterior of this house and you know there’s going to be a lot of work to do! Right off the bat their carpenters discovered major water damage that led to mold and rotted framing and siding. This didn’t slow them down too much and before long the exterior walls were re-framed and re-sided where necessary, the roof replaced, and replacement sash window kits were installed. Now all they had to think about was the foundation, a new heating system, installing a header in the kitchen, leveling the floors…

After 15 months of renovating they were finally able to move in at the beginning of December 2006. Although they were still without a few amenities like a kitchen and a working shower/bathtub, it sure must have felt good to go from two houses down to one. Construction continued with the addition of running water in the bathrooms and laundry area, and the kitchen shaped up to become one worthy of envy with wall ovens, a cooktop and a very funky DIY floor thanks to Chelsea and her mom.

Construction Loan

For those of you wondering how in the world a young couple can afford to live in one house and purchase and renovate another, read this post on their construction loan. The pieces will all fall into place.

Renovation Challenge

Jayden, the smallest part of the Stevens family equation, has grown up with this renovation project. He’s witnessed a considerable amount of the work and as everyone who has a small person knows, little people like to help. Unfortunately, when small hands try to help it can sometimes result in a big mess. That is why in a recent post Chelsea explains and shows why she wisely decided not to do work on the house when she’s home alone with Jayden. We hope that Jayden is the largest challenge faced by the Stevens family as they work towards completing the renovations on their home.

Best of Luck!
Hey guys! You truly deserve this! Good luck, I hope you win! You both work your buns off to turn your dream house into reality! It looks awesome! Love Beck
congratulations guys!! can hardly wait to see it!! you surely deserve to win!
It's makes all of us older
It's makes all of us older house renovators happy to see younger couples taking on such a renovation challenge. Good luck
Good luck you guys. If
Good luck you guys. If anyone deserves to win, you guys do. Love ya lots, Mom and Dad
This is an extremely hard
This is an extremely hard working and devoted family. Working on a budget they have accomplished miracles.
Good luck guys!!!
Hope you win - heaven knows you've earned it!
Thanks Mandy!
Thanks Mandy! I hope we do too! :)

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