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Sunfish Road

Sunfish Road

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Site: Sunfish Road
Project: New construction
Medium: Blog
About: Once upon a time, Sue and Guy had a dream. They dreamt of building a home of their own in the country. It seemed like such a simple plan, but as they began their search for property they realized that affordable acreage in close proximity to Columbus was not easy to find. For a while they became disillusioned, then as luck would have it, they found the perfect spot.

“The Land”, located about 35 minutes north of Columbus, is made up of two separate, but adjoining parcels, purchased a year apart. The first parcel of 13 acres is woods and meadow with a creek and a two-acre man-made pond. The first year was spent cleaning up, repairing the dam (which formed the pond), and choosing a suitable building site for their house. Just as they had settled on a building site, a 6-acre parcel of land to the north became available for purchase. Feeling that those 6 wooded acres would provide a beautiful backyard, they snatched them up too.

Is There Anything You Can’t Buy on eBay?

In preparation for the house to come, Guy and Sue had to clear the land and complete the driveway. They did as much as they possibly could by hand and chainsaw, but it was painfully obvious that they needed some heavier equipment. Guy managed to find a good, older-model, used backhoe. And with his new toy, got right to work at clearing the final section for the driveway.

Making A Small Footprint

Guy and Sue have both been very hands-on with their building project. It wasn’t a normal house plan and they’ve made numerous trips to the building site to oversee the progress. The house was designed and situated to make the most of the setting, but at the same time to have a minimum impact on the environment.

The ground floor and about half of the second floor are below grade on the north and west sides to take advantage of the thermal protection the ground offers. The south side will be exposed with low-e glass windows to collect energy and warmth from the sun. Together, Guy and Sue installed the Pex tubing for a radiant heating system within the concrete slab on the ground floor.

Soon It Will All Be A Memory

Although the building process is still ongoing, soon it will all be just a memory. Time and progress have a way zooming past - especially in hindsight. Sue and Guy are well on their way to realizing their dream. They have the room to roam, the house is moving along quickly and before they know it they’ll be living happily ever after.

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