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The Fixer Upper House

The Fixer Upper House

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Site: The Fixer Upper House
Project: Total remodel/addition to 1920s dutch colonial
Medium: Blog
About: Until we bought The Fixer Upper House in the fall of 2006, not much had changed in its 80-plus years on earth. Its sloping gambrel roof, eye-blink windows and double-door-foyer are reminiscent of the million other Dutch Colonials built in the first half of the 20th Century throughout the Midwest and Northeast. Like those million other Dutch Colonials, ours is probably a kit house--from one of the lesser-known catalog suppliers such as Alladin or Wards that were so popular in the early 1900s and which have been tear-down targets for the past 20 years. Not ours. Even after 80 years of brutal Midwest winters, the house's bones are solid: its concrete foundation, steel beams, crown moldings and nine-foot plaster ceilings all have held up well.

love it
i love ur house. i also bought a fixer upper. the difference is though that my husband is the fixer-upper-man lol. i think fixer uppers are way better than buying something that someone else did for you, its their taste not yours and u are paying the royalty on it. its a pain but in the end u will know it was worth it. hope u win love the blog. u have inspired me to complain to my husband to finish our bathroom. thx

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