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Votes: 2
Site: TheBrickRanch
Project: Exterior & Interior Ranch Home Remodel
Medium: Blog
About: TheBrickRanch is about Huber Heights Ohio and Teri Lussier’s take on this wacky place. You could think of this blog as a big family table. Go ahead — get a cup of coffee, kick off your shoes, and pull up a chair.

It’s about community – the mortar that binds the bricks — you and me. What connects us to one another? What puts the Heights in the Huber? What puts the Huber in the Heights?

It’s about real estate. Yes it is true; I am a real estate professional with American Home Realty, so that is a definite focus here, but it is not necessarily the main focus. I will share what I know about the world of the brick ranch: Huber Heights real estate, the market and the process, ideas, opinions, etc. In return you can share what you know: everything plus the kitchen sink.

What TheBrickRanch is mostly about is conversation. We would love to hear your story, past or present, fact or fiction, tall tale or tragedy, it’s all welcome here. Just play nice ’cause while you are my welcome guest, if you can’t play nice I’m sending you home.

So pull up a chair. What do you want to talk about?

Awesome site covering remodeling. Teri, you are doing a great job. You got my vote!
Elsa's remodel
Thank you so much Michelle! I hope other brick ranch owners, particularly first time owners, will be able to learn some tips from Elsa, too!
Elsa's remodel
What a fabulous undertaking and I'm looking forward to the reports on how it is going!

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