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Site: ThirteenEleven
Project: 1919 House Renovation
Medium: Blog
About: Jen's a woman of few words, so it's a good thing that a picture is worth a thousand of them! The pictures in her posts tell most of the story for her. On the road to her home's recovery, she and her family have come face to face with rot and decay, many layers of old wallpaper and paint, wood floors in sad states of disrepair, and the not so attractive results of renovations by previous owners. We can't neglect to mention the plant life that has mysteriously crept its way into the kitchen behind the old cabinets!

Lost & Found

One day, when removing a cabinet, Jen discovered there was a fireplace hidden behind it. Unfortunately, the floor beneath the hearth was in such bad condition, the weight of the hearth was more than it could bear and it all came crashing down. Down through the basement ceiling to be exact.

They've chosen to refinish the floors that are structurally sound. Jen sanded and stained, but because the moisture content was too high she wasn't able to use a polyurethane finish, so she took up the arduous task of waxing. Smart thinking led her to purchase a car buffer to assist with this chore. The finished floors are beautiful with their dark stain and the wax finish gives them a warm glow.

Much Progress

One significant project, on what must be a long list of repairs, was the leveling of the house. In the process of leveling, major cracking occurred in the original plaster walls and they've reconstructed the walls using sheetrock. There is only one plaster wall still in place. It is Jen's intention to save that wall, and once all of the leveling is complete, she plans to patch the cracks.

The kitchen/keeping room promises to be an inviting space thanks to new drywall and a new slate floor. The room is flooded with light from the French doors and large windows. We certainly hope those kitchen floors are strong enough to support the weight of the slate!

This old house has been given a new lease on life thanks to Jen and her family. We hope they enjoy it and the fruits of their labors for many years to come.

Day one
I agree with Jen. This was probably the dirtiest house I had ever seen. We all wore masks to help tear out the old carpet and even then the smell came through.
Very Nice!
Can you guys do my house next? Love it! Thanks for sharing...
What a fabulous house. Looks like an unbelievable undertaking...but you all are making good progress. Keep up the good work. Cant wait to see the finished project.
What a fabulous house. Looks like an unbelievable undertaking...but you all are making good progress. Keep up the good work. Cant wait to see the finished project.
Great job and I helped tear the Kitchen up too
They ahve worked hard and did a great job in restoring the beautiful home.
looking so much better
looking so much better
Interesting blog.
Interesting blog.
Way to go!!
So glad to see you have finally moved in and are getting rid of that old deck. Really worried about that one!! I'm sure you will be glad when it's all over, guess you'll sell and start again? Glad to see the flowers are coming up.
You have done a great job so
You have done a great job so far. It was a mamouth undertaking and you've progressed in one year to where it is habitable. Congratulations.

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