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This Young House

This Young House

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Site: This Young House
Project: Kitchen Redesign + General Updates
Medium: Blog
About: ‘This Young House’ was purchased by John and Sherry in May 2006. Although initially charmed by its complete lack of style, they are infusing their lovely brick ranch home with a style all its own. Widening doorways to open up the space and create better flow, is just one of the improvements they are implementing in their quest to give their home a more modern feel. Also included on their list of improvements are changes to the yard, kitchen, flooring and appliances.

Craigslist Landscape Experiment

Many people would go from lawn to landscaping, but John and Sherry have decided to do the opposite. They erased an established landscape in favour of a simple lawn. It will mean less maintenance and more bug-hunting room for their new ‘puppy’. Removing the path, pea gravel, shrubs and bushes presented a bit of a challenge. Not wanting to just throw it all away, Sherry posted a picture of their yard and an offering for free bushes on craigslist. John was sceptical, but within an hour of submitting the post, their driveway began filling up with shovel and pickaxe-bearing people ready to make off with a bounty of free shrubs. A second post, the following morning, saw the subsequent removal of all the pea gravel. With a few computer keystrokes and a bit of cold water for some sweaty strangers, this part in preparing the yard for its new look was virtually effortless. Experiment Result: A definite success!

Two Kitchen Remodels in One Year?

The first kitchen remodel included paint, appliances, cabinet hardware and vinyl floor tiles. This mini-makeover made a huge difference. By painting out the old dark cabinets and the faux brick backsplash, they completely brightened up the space. Kitchen remodel number two, however, will be the full monty.

Keeping Score

Home Depot was ahead on the kitchen remodel, but Lowes came in first when it came to a new washer, dryer and dishwasher. John and Sherry took full advantage of a clearout of ’07 washer and dryer models. They scored with a clearance price, an Energy Star appliance promotion and a Lowes credit card giving them an additional 10% off. With what they saved on the washer and dryer, combined with the appliance promotion, the dishwasher was the free icing on the appliance cake. See how the points progress by viewing the Big Box Battle.

A Refreshing Twist

In a refreshing twist, the blog post writing on This Young House is shared by both John and Sherry. Regardless of who writes the posts, they are entertaining and well written! House renovating with a sense of humour – it’s the only way to fly. Sherry drops the hammer and grades their contractor experiences to date, but sums it all up positively – grin and bear it, it’s all worth it in the end!

LOVE this site.... they have
LOVE this site.... they have so many informative remodeling ideas!

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