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French Country Kitchen Pictures

Inspiring French Country Kitchen Ideas

kitchen remodeling ideas photos

These French country kitchen pictures evoke feelings of comfort and inviting happiness. You'll notice that by using natural building materials for walls, ceilings and floors, this provides the texture for the comfort feeling, while rustic, earthy tones for furniture, fabrics and accessories completes the comforting design, offering practicality with simplicity. Get inspiration from these images to turn your common suburban or condo kitchen into a comfortable family gathering spot, straight from the South of France. View our regular kitchen design ideas as well.


Photos - French Country Kitchen Decor / Designs

Real French Country Kitchen

This is a typical turn of the century French country kitchen. Notice the plaster walls and ceiling. The post and beam construction frames the kitchen and can be incorporated into the color scheme. Also notice the dark tones used for the furniture and cabinets, and how the natural lighting provides ample workspace light.



Real French Country Kitchen

Another example of a traditional turn of the century French country kitchen. The natural building materials such as wood, plaster, terra cotta tiles and wrought iron give rise to the true feeling of a French country kitchen. Notice the use of copper cookware, as well as the wrought iron hangers for the pots, pans and utensils.



Provincial French Country Kitchen Photo

The striking red used a a major accent color certainly evokes a feeling of prestige in this Provincial style French country kitchen. Notice the ample storage space within the small area. Each nook, cranny, ledge and shelf is utilized for storage. While more contemporary the the previous photos, this country kitchen still has old world charm.



Modern French Country Kitchen Picture

This modern style French country kitchen has all of the attributes of an old world French kitchen. Ample storage space abounds, almost all usable areas are utilized. Notice the weathered and rustic wooden cabinets and earthy granite countertop. Multiple streams of natural lighting are allowed to illuminate the congested area, post and beam forms the construction, wrought iron is used for the chandelier and cupboard handles, and a Roman blind provides window coverage.



Modern French Country Kitchen Picture

Taken from a different angle than the image above, you notice that this French country kitchen is well planned and constrained to turn of the century ideas. Notice the brick face wall and archways used in the construction.



Modern French Country Kitchen Picture

Taken from a third angle (see above images), this French country kitchen image reveals the skylight ceiling that offers an abundance of natural light, and also reveals the large kitchen table used for entertaining lots of family and friends.



French Country Kitchen Picture

While this is less old country, yet still not modern French country kitchen, much of it's inspiration is drawn from the kitchens found in the South of France of old. Notice the wine rack in the kitchen island? Also, the technique of hanging cookware is a signature French kitchen attribute.



French Country Kitchen Photo

Here is a closer look at the backsplash of the French country kitchen in the image above this one. Notice the simple country themed prints in the ceramic tile backsplash? Also note the terra cotta planters and the pottery used as a utensil holder. The hanging cookware rack, and basket of fresh fruit finalizes the theme of this French country kitchen.




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Modern French Country Kitchen

While this French country kitchen is a little more 'over the top' than the others, it's inspiration is apparent with the hanging cookware, stone construction, stucco walls, wrought iron window screen, distressed wooden cabinets, and terra cotta pottery.



Contemporary French Country Kitchen

While this kitchen is more contemporary, it is evident that it's inspiration is a French country kitchen. Notice the hanging pots and pans, the terra cotta and ceramic containers, stucco walls and multiple lanterns?



Traditional French Country Kitchen Design

This is a traditional French country kitchen, and may be from the early to mid-century. The wooden countertop is magnificent, while the construction of the kitchen is typical with beams exposed and stucco walls. Notice the wrought iron hanger, as well as the wooden shelves that make storage space where there was none. Copper and terra cotta containers, abundant natural lighting, and distressed wooden cabinets complete this design.



Traditional French Country Kitchen Picture

This is a modern-traditional French country kitchen. While all attempts were made to provide traditional look and feel, the modern appliances are a clear giveaway. Notice the brick and beam construction, ceramic tile floor, carved wooden cabinets, as well as the standard wrought iron cookware hanger, ceramic and terra cotta containers, and ample natural lighting.



Modern French Country Kitchen Picture

This is a more contemporary French country kitchen which takes it styling cues from traditional French kitchens. The use of glass front carved cabinets, earthy construction materials, wrought iron cookware hanger, and abundant natural lighting make the distiction that this is a French country kitchen.



French Country Kitchen Accessories

You will find the most traditional accessories for your French country kitchen in old barns, antique shops, abandoned cabins, flea markets, basement cellars, attics and old garages. A little cleaning and TLC will provide that much needed added touch to complete your French country kitchen design.



David Markoff is a staff writer for RemodelingMySpace.com



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french country kitchen pictures
These are gorgeous pictures of rench Country kitchens! So beautiful and inspiring
modern French Kitchen
hanging pot bar
In the picture of the hanging copper pots on the ceramic tile, where do you find the bar from which the pots are hanging?
Wood framed and tiled nook surrounding cooktop with hanging pans
This is the most useful article and photos on French Country kitchens I have read! What a beautiful, cozy kitchen; I would love to see a photo of the entire room and breakfast area. Would like to know, also, about resources for the bar on which pots are hanging, where to get the type of tile used, and who designed/built the cabinets/woodwork portrayed. Thanks, again, Ruth Canon Dallas
David Markoff rules!
David Markoff rules!

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