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Log Home Kitchen Ideas

Beautiful log home kitchen pics from Bearfort Lodge

If you've ever dreamed of owning a log home, Bearfort Lodge (the authority on log home restoration and repair) is a must-visit online destination that's also a very real place. This true log cabin style 'butt and pass' construction offers some of the most comforting living areas available. These kitchen pictures that feature a rustic log cabin kitchen hutch, vaulted log ceilings, and rustic country charm are only a small sampling of the entire masterpiece that is Bearfort Lodge. View our regular kitchen design ideas as well.


Log Home Kitchen Pictures

wide view of log home kitchen

View of log home kitchen showing cathedral ceilings of Pecky Cypress and American Chestnut logs. The kitchen uses granite countertops, copper pendant lighting and stainless steel appliances. In the center of the kitchen is a maple top island created by the homeowner providing a generous work surface and open shelving below for yellow ware. Centered on the island is a large antique coffee grinder which is actually used.


counter top view of log cabin kitchen


Cabinetry in this log home kitchen has been customized by the homeowner. Using various milk-paints and crackle finishes the cabinets have been antiqued and distressed to complete the comforting feel of this rustic kitchen.


cathedral ceilings in log cabin kitchen

ambiance but the functionality of this log home kitchen.


Lighting in this rustic kitchen includes under cabinet task lighting, large copper pendants, traditional table lamps, track lighting and string lights that are tucked into the top of the walls to illuminate the cathedral ceilings. The lighting scheme artfully enhances not only the ambiance but the functionality of this log home kitchen.


a sink with a view in this log home kitchen


The large box in the gable is an enclosed exhaust fan that is activated by a pull chain which opens a trap door concealing the fan. The exhaust fan, originally installed when the lodge was a restaurant in the early 1900's had been disconnected and sealed years ago. The fan has been reopened and returned to working condition by the homeowner. Just below the exhaust fan the homeowner displays the original copper weathervane rooster and arrow from his childhood farm. Track lights have been used to cast light to the stainless steel sink.




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log home kitchen antique hutch


This log home kitchen hutch was rescued by the homeowner. On the far wall his copper pots and pans hang from a unique pot rack that he made details of which can be found on his site.


log home kitchen antique hutch


This log home kitchen hutch predates the hoosier and is a fine example of early american kitchen cabinetry. Reassembled from pieces in buckets and boxes destined for the burn pile, the homeowner rescued and rebuilt the cabinet. "Amazingly, everything was there" he says. The cabinet had been partially stripped at some point in the distant past but the homeowner decided to leave it as is which he felt added to the charm and we couldn't agree more. The antique cabinet is now used to store baking supplies which are stored in glass ball jars. Atop the cabinet is a round wood butter churn and graniteware passed down from his great grandmother.


hand-carved walking sticks beside the hutch


Along side this early American hutch are hand-carved walking sticks created by the homeowner's sister. The tall walking staffs include highly detailed carvings of an American Bald Eagle, a Common Loon, Black Bear and a Mountain Ram. The smaller canes were carved by the homeowner.


log home kitchen decoration


High above the pantry and along the cabinet back wall the homeowner displays his handy-work in the form of a number of small houses which are scaled down versions of the homes in the town where he grew up in the midwest. Each of the wooden houses have small windows that light up and cast light up into the eaves. "these were houses that I saw everyday as a kid. So one day while at my workbench I decided to make small versions of them with whatever scrap wood I had on hand. I had made about 30 of them each one unique. Many of them I had given to the homeowners but I have kept a few of my favorites."


log cabin kitchen lighting


Looking into the log truss of this cathedral ceiling it is difficult to spot the track lights. The homeowner artfully camouflaged the track light cans by first painting them with various colors to match the tones of the logs and then he wood grained each light with various stains and paints. Now the track lights completely blend into the background but highlight the Pecky Cypress ceilings and work areas below.


Photos provided by Bearfort Lodge.



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