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Under Cabinet Lighting

LED, fluorescent, xenon and halogen under cabinet lights

In the dark when cooking or preparing your favorite meal? Looking for under cabinet lighting ? An under kitchen cabinet light can help make the job easier, safer, and make your kitchen more attractive. In addition to providing much needed task lighting, cabinet lights also create wonderful accent lighting adding ambiance to your kitchen. Whether it's small low voltage LED cabinet lights, fluorescent under cabinet light bars, xenon cabinet lights, or halogen, we have a few ideas here that will suit your style, design and decor.


Lighting Ideas for Underneath the Kitchen Cabinet

There are several types of under cabinet lighting and many reasons to spice up your kitchen with a cabinet light style that compliments your kitchen design.

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Cabinet Lighting - Functions

Under cabinet lighting has two essential functions in your kitchen. Firstly, it provides task lighting for countertop food prep and other work conditions. Secondly, it provides accent lighting to highlight your magnificent countertop and backsplash. Accent lighting in cabinets with glass cupboard doors creates a nice ambient light when main kitchen lights are off. If you have crown molding installed with enough space above the kitchen cabinets, using your under cabinet lights on top of the cabinets can create a wonderful uplighting effect.

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Where To Use Under Cabinet Lighting

Task Lighting

In a kitchen the task areas are directly over the countertop, stove and kitchen sink.

Placing a single cabinet light, or two small recessed lights over the sink is both attractive and useful. Generally, the stove can be lit by a range hood or overhead microwave, but if this is not practical or affordable then under cabinet lighting can work there too. Countertops are illuminated with under cabinet lighting, with choices of endless styles, and several types of lighting. Types of under cabinet lighting include simple fluorescent fixtures (more economical), low voltage linear track (can be dimmed for ambiance), xenon fixtures and halogen fixtures. For best results, use xenon as they are cooler and have a longer bulb life than halogen.

Accent Lighting

Once task lighting is solved, you can also consider any accent lighting that may improve your kitchen. As mentioned, where there is space above the cabinets, cove lighting or under cabinet lighting can be used on top cabinets and will look wonderful. Tray ceilings finished in crown molding benefit greatly from this type of lighting. Other alternatives are a low-voltage track or LED rope light. Either way, under cabinet lighting can add that extra touch that makes your kitchen unique.

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Under Cabinet Light Fixtures


8-Inch Xenon White Undercabinet Light

8-Inch Xenon White Undercabinet Light

Frosted glass -Bulbs Included

Recessed Warm White Stainless Swivel LED Spotlight

Recessed Warm White Stainless Swivel LED Spotlight

-Perfect for larger display cases and soffits. -Recessed depth 2-3/16in. +/- 10 degree swivel. -Comes complete with 350mA constant current DC converter. -Attached 36" connecting cable. -Only 6W power consumption!

Stainless Recessed/Surface Mount LED Cool White Light, Set of Three

Stainless Recessed/Surface Mount LED Cool White Light, Set of Three

-Ideal for under cabinet applications -Can be surface mounted with trim ring-included. -Recessed depth only 1 3/16" -Comes only in set of three, complete with 350mA constant DC converter and wiring harness -Attached 10in, connecting cable. -Only 1W power consumption.

Next Generation 34-Inch White Narrow Body Under Cabinet Light with Switch and Lamp

Next Generation 34-Inch White Narrow Body Under Cabinet Light with Switch and Lamp

-Narrow body -Premium electronic ballast -Clear ribbed acrylic diffuser snaps in and out for easy relamping. -Ballast compartment snaps in and out for easy wiring -Rocker switch and lamps included

ARF Halogen Puck Light w/ Plug-In Transformer - Chrome

ARF Halogen Puck Light w/ Plug-In Transformer - Chrome

This surface mounted halogen puck light is low-voltage and features a frosted tempered glass lens and a chrome finish. It includes an attached 72” connecting cable and a 60W plug-in black transformer with a terminal block. The transformer provides four-level linear dimming—Off, 50%, 75%, and 100%—and boasts easy installation with no wiring necessary. It includes a 6’ cord and plug and the bulb.

Apollo Three-Light  Halogen Black Puck Light Kit

Apollo Three-Light Halogen Black Puck Light Kit

Create soft lighting on the underside of your cabinet or inside of a hutch with this set of three puck lights. The die-cast aluminum housing and steel face plate of each fixture encase a frosted glass lens for beautiful distribution of light. Choose surface mounting or recessed mounting to best suit your under cabinet lighting needs. Fixtures and transformer are all black. Includes halogen bulbs and all mounting hardware.

Tritech Stainless Steel Halogen Spotlight

Tritech Stainless Steel Halogen Spotlight

-Easy installation -Integrated Halogen spotlight -Needs to be ordered with a transformer -HT-150 or HT-300

Warm White LED Rope Light Kit - 9-foot length

Warm White LED Rope Light Kit - 9-foot length

Choose the gentle and contemporary illumination of this high quality LED rope lighting. Suitable for interior or exterior use, this nine-foot length of rope lighting provides warm white lighting perfect for cove lighting, under or over cabinets, bookshelves or toe kicks. 60,000 hours of illumination - emits virtually no heat and is cool to the touch - 85% energy savings over incandescent rope lights. Please note: this lighting is not dimmable or cuttable. Approximate color temp is 4000 degrees Kelvin.


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