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Kitchen Designs / Design Ideas

Take a look at some inspiring photos that will help you 'find your own style'. Then hit the tips and advice for kitchen design ideas - everything from DIY to hiring a professional.

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Log Home Kitchen Pictures

If you've ever dreamed of owning a log home, Bearfort Lodge is a must-visit online destination that's also a very real place. These kitchen pictures are only a small sampling of the entire masterpiece that is Bearfort Lodge.
more info » Log Home Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas - Free Online Kitchen Designs Photos

Need kitchen design ideas or inspiration? View a wide range of kitchen design & remodeling photos. Kitchen designs vary from tuscan, to rustic to modern.
more info » Kitchen Design Ideas

Pictures - Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

This great series of country kitchen decor pictures will give you great inspiration and ideas for your home kitchen remodel.
more info » Country Kitchen Decor

Pictures - Small Kitchen Designs

Kitchens in small spaces can be difficult to make functional, as well as be design friendly. Peruse through this photo gallery of small kitchen designs to get ideas for solving both problems.
more info » Small Kitchen Designs

Photos - French Country Kitchen Decor / Designs

Find many photos of French country kitchens, from medieval to modern, including ideas for accessories, shelving and more. Get great ideas and inspiration for your French country kitchen.
more info » French Country Kitchen Pictures

How To Design a French Country Kitchen

French country kitchens are one of the most desirable kitchen designs sought after by homeowners. The comfortable feelings evoked, along with the practicality of a French country kitchen are what make it most desirable. Learn how to turn your standard suburban or condominium kitchen into a comfortable family center, straight from the South of France.
more info » French Country Kitchens

Photos - Modern Kitchen Design Pictures

Oh, these are good... These modern kitchen design and remodeling pictures are a definite inspiration to make the move from old to new. Really new. Ultra new.
more info » Modern Kitchen Design Pics & Ideas


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