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Kitchen Design Ideas

Free Kitchen Design Ideas, Kitchen Designs, Pictures, Online Photos

kitchen design ideas, remodeling photos

Kitchen Design Ideas
View our wide range of free kitchen design ideas, pictures & photos. It's a terrific way to get inspiration and help define the kitchen design you're after. We've tried to cover many kitchen design ideas and creative approaches that can be taken including modern kitchens, country kitchens, medieval kitchens, French, Tuscan and contemporary.

Looking for free pictures of small kitchen design ideas?


Kitchen Design Ideas - Free Online Kitchen Designs Photos

Kitchen Design Ideas - #1
Comfortable Kitchen Deisgns


These kitchen design ideas illustrate the reflective qualities of glass and stainless steel in a country kitchen. The use of wood for the island countertop and hardwood on the floor introduces an element of warmth to the space. View more free French country kitchen design ideas & pictures.



Kitchen Design Ideas - #2
Kitchen Design Picture - Wood and Steel


The vivid splashes of blue and orange on the walls and furniture have been artfully balanced with a warm medium wood tone in this kitchen. The countertop adds texture, yet remains grounded because of its black color. Additional texture has been created with multiple wood tones in the floor. This is one of our favourite kitchen design ideas!



Kitchen Design Ideas - #3
Stainless and Wood Kitchen Design Picture Photo


The soft sheen of stainless steel appliances and the light wood tone of the cabinetry give kitchen design ideas like this an airy, spacious feel. It is uncomplicated and uncluttered. Kitchen design ideas are often searched to suit those requirements.



Kitchen Design Ideas - #4
Typical Kitchen Remodeling Picture


In this free kitchen design idea, the center island is large enough to provide even more space for work, storage and eating. It is great to have room for family and friends in the kitchen. You can continue visiting while meals are being prepared.



Kitchen Design Ideas - #5
Modern Kitchen Designs Photos


Small does not have to mean boring! This kitchen design idea reveals the dramatic use of a bold color on a simple cabinet style. See how the red pops against the white background. The design allows for work areas between the cooktop and the sink and between the refrigerator and the sink. See more small kitchen design ideas.



Kitchen Design Ideas - #6
Modern Kitchen Design Photos


The abundance of horizontal lines in contemporary kitchens tends to create a sense of movement and activity. To keep this kitchen design idea from appearing too busy, the designer applied stainless steel to the cabinets surrounding the appliances.



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Kitchen Designs - #7
Standard Kitchen Design Picture Photo


Most kitchen design ideas offer a very effective use of cupboard space and kitchen lighting. With so much natural light coming in through the windows this homeowner can feel confident that using a dark stain on the cabinets will not make the space feel dark and gloomy.



Kitchen Designs - #8
Modern Kitchen Design Photo


In this kitchen photo, ultramodern design is stated with bold shapes and smooth textures, and is enhanced by the dramatic use of color. All are elements that can be incorporated into small or large kitchen design ideas. Because the color in this kitchen has been limited to only a few surfaces, it can easily be changed.



Kitchen Designs - #9
Kitchen Picture of Wood and Stainless Kitchen Design


The ambient lighting in this kitchen design enhances the natural beauty of the woodgrain. The finishes have been kept tastefully simple for a coordinated and clean-lined effect.



Kitchen Designs - #10
Medieval Kitchen Design Picture


This French country kitchen design picture may make you think you've stepped back in time (medieval time). It is vastly different from all of the previous kitchen design ideas and we've shown it simply to demonstrate that anything is possible. View more pictures of French country kitchens.



Kitchen Designs - #11
French Kitchen Picture


Ah, oui. C'est tres bonne! This picture of a beautiful French style kitchen design idea shows how comforting the effects of earthy woods, bricks and iron can be. A little old-world charm with all of the modern conveniences.



Kitchen Designs - #12
Modern Kitchen Photos


This beautiful designer kitchen with rich, detailed woodwork could be found in an estate home. It has a very traditional look that incorporates marble countertops, glass cabinet doors and architectural details like crown molding. Portions of the cabinetry have been made to look like furniture pieces.


David Markoff is a staff writer for RemodelingMySpace.com.



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nice kitchen and thanks for this web site
wonderful site
I have learned alot just doing my kitchen and I love it
Thanks for the pics! Might
Thanks for the pics! Might take action from this :)
Thanks for such nice
Thanks for such nice pictures. These are really great.It would be great if you add less expensive kitchen's information. Looking forward to seeing more.
Thanks a lot for this
Thanks a lot for this website.I think all design of the kitchen are beautiful.These all models are very compelling and I keep browsing for new ideas.Actually I'm confused to choose one.
Splashes of Blue and Orange...
Im with JoJo.. I would love to know what colors were used on the walls and the Stain used as well for the cabinets. Thanks !!
Have question about one of the kitchen pictures
HELP!!!! I love the cabinets in the orange/blue modern kitchen up above. Can someone please, oh please tell me the manufacturer and color and finish. THANKS...... JoJo
Great ideas for kitchens. I plan my new home and looking for ideas. These models are very compelling and I keep browsing for new ideas. Steel and wood is great and hopefully, I can find what I like:)
These pics are just like
These pics are just like what you will see in any mag, book, dec show. For those with huge kitchens & lots of money, getting a nice kitchen is not difficult. I think only 2 of the pics shown are within reach of the average American, , just by room size alone. Of those One is too modern for those who want to keep the remodel in style with the architecture of the house. How about doing kitchens typical of last century. Esp. those during the building boom following ww2. Most Americans not only have limited space & budget, but they have to consider how much $ they can actually recoup. They can't ask for $20,000 more when they sell the house because it would be overpriced for the neighborhood.
We now have a SMALL KITCHEN DESIGNS gallery!
Hey Anonymous; Thanks for the kick in the butt! We now have a small kitchen design gallery for you to get some great ideas and inspiration...
small kitchens
Any ideas about small but open concept kitchens. Mine doesn't seem to flow to the rest of the house. Are there any photos available?
We now have a SMALL KITCHEN DESIGNS gallery!
Hey Ms. Mo; Looking for small open concept kitchen designs? Just check out that link and see if there's anything that you like. ;)
what about small kitchens,
what about small kitchens, you just show a high $$$$$$$$$$$ kitchens. Small proyects are interesting too
We now have a SMALL KITCHEN DESIGNS gallery!
Hey Mauricio; You might find a proyect to your liking and budget in our new small kitchen designs gallery. Thanks for jour comment.
Thanks Mauricio; We will be adding a bunch of new image galleries very soon. SMALL kitchens will be one of them!! We'll notify you when it's done. Paul - RemodelingMySpace
kitchen window dressing
I would like to fine a modern kitchen dressing for my kitchen window and door (breezeway) window. Please help me. I am tired of getting cute little curtains. I would like something different maybe in metal or, I don't know, just something different. I have a chrome fauset and silverish frames for my pictures. Thank you, Ora
I like the modern red one!
I have a small condo and I think that my kitchen will look perfect if I remodel it like the red kitchen. Thanks for these great kitchen design pictures!
Beautiful Pictures
These pictures of kitchens are just beautiful! I especially like the second one with the blue and orange walls. The wood is so rich and warm. I like your list of local links too! Great work! CR

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