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Modern Kitchen Design Pics & Ideas

Modern Kitchen Cabinets, Islands and Design Pictures

modern kitchen designs photos

Find Modern Kitchen Design Pics & Ideas in our modern kitchen photo gallery. No two contemporary designs are the same. These modern/contemporary kitchen design pictures display a multitude of modern kitchen style ideas through the use of a wide variety of materials. View the pictures in our photo gallery to see how and where different materials like stainless steel, maple, glass, granite and many synthetic and alloy materials are used in contemporary design. Each material lends it's own energy to the kitchen design. Modern kitchen designs are very clean and simplistic, yet highly functional. Great modern kitchen design and style ideas abound here. View our regular kitchen design ideas as well.


Photos - Modern Kitchen Design Pictures

Black, White and Red Contemporary Kitchen Design

This modern kitchen design pic illustrates free-flowing lines in both the unusual light fixture over the table and the shelf/light fixture above the peninsula. Splashes of red throughout the space add warmth and energy. The darkness of the flooring and lower cabinets is offset by the light wall color and the large window.



Aerial View of a Modern Kitchen

The open concept of this modern kitchen design makes the space feel larger. An oversized island makes up for a lack of workspace on the kitchen countertop. The fridge and dishwasher visually disappear behind panels that match the rest of the cabinetry.



Modern Kitchen Design with Two Cabinet Colors

Contemporary design often combines natural and industrial elements. This contemporary kitchen successfully blends these elements with a less is more approach. The high gloss of the cabinetry is repeated through the use of a glass backsplash.



Typical Kitchen Remodeling Picture

The sharp edges of this modern kitchen design strike a very European tone. A warm and welcoming effect has been achieved with the bold yellow color scheme and the use of wood for the backsplash and countertop material. Visual proof that contemporary design does not have to feel cold .



An inviting expanse of stainless.

This dramatic contemporary kitchen design provides gorgeous long expanses of stainless steel countertops for working on or simply admiring. Notice how the cabinet hardware mimics the refrigerator door pulls. Under-cabinet lighting makes the ceramic tile backsplash glow.



Spacious Contemporary Kitchen Design

The glossy black floor tiles anchor and help to define the kitchen area in this ultra-contemporary design. The space is full of funky finishes and textures from the smooth countertops, ceramic tile back wall and sleek rangehood to the warm dark wood of the lower cabinets and the added warmth of the golden wall color.



Spacious Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary design ideas can be incorporated into even the smallest of kitchens. The color of these cabinets is striking. While the simple, clean lines and minimal ornamentation in this kitchen give it a spacious feel.



Spacious Contemporary Kitchen Design

Gleaming stainless appliances are mixed with pale wood and white walls for an up-to-the-minute, modern kitchen design. This makes for a light and bright area to work in.



Spacious Contemporary Kitchen Design

The dark wood finish is beautifully balanced with light reflective surfaces in this modern kitchen design. Very chic, low-backed stools take their rightful position at the eating end of the long island.



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Standard Kitchen Picture Photo

The natural light pours into this very contemporary kitchen. White, a color often associated with contemporary design, is used throughout the space creating a very light and airy atmosphere. Two layers of horizontal upper cabinets and large, deep drawers provide an abundance of storage. The orange-red color pops against the white shell.



Modern Design for Living

Storage will never be an issue with the large cabinets in this modern kitchen. The island provides even more storage and workspace along with a table-type extension for an eating area. An interesting feature of this design is that the toe-kick has been eliminated from some of the wall cabinets giving them a floating feeling.



Kitchen Cabinets with Horizontal Grain

Something you are going to see more and more often in modern design is wood cabinetry presented with the grain running horizontally as opposed to the traditional vertical direction. The cabinets in this contemporary kitchen design picture have a mottled finish with dark brown and grey tones. The grey tones are further enhanced through the use of stainless appliances.



Mellow Yellow and Chocolate Brown

Here is an interesting color combination - pale yellow cabinets with a dark chocolate brown for the countertop material. The frosted glass doors break up what would otherwise be a bland expanse of upper cupboards. The area above the glass doors is a great niche for displaying special items and highlighting them with the recessed lights above.



French Kitchen Picture

Is this modern kitchen from the 60's, or the new millennium? The clean lines, smooth surfaces and simplistic quality are what create the modern feel in this design. The only giveaways to the real period of the design are the stainless steel appliances, the new rangehood and the microwave oven.



Spacious Contemporary Kitchen Design

This is a cutting edge kitchen design. The space is practically void of color with the exception of some fresh fruit in a stainless steel bowl and a small assortment of cooking accessories.



Spacious Contemporary Kitchen Design

A hot design in cool colors. If time travel was possible, you might be looking at a kitchen from 20 years in the future. An abundance of horizontal lines create a sense of movement within this space.


Catherine Patterson is a staff writer for RemodelingMySpace.com as well as an avid remodeling and renovation enthusiast.



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I am delighted with your sense and collections! Hoping you will be more collective. Thanks
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It is nice to have this kind of website for more Ideas and Information!
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VERY GOOD , excellent
Do you work for or with evermotion? I see most renderings are from evermotion.com and the rest have archmodel assets
kitchen pics
i saw ans inspire about those beuty full kitchen
The orange red contemporary kitchen is really nice. Some of the others are a little cold and sterile but the introduction of that bold colour really turns up the heat.
nice works
Nice pictures of modern kitchen please forward to me more am refurbishing my kitchen here in kenya
I like the design, the colors, the lines, the cooking accessories are great.
This is the most beautiful kitchen designs and colors I've seen so far while browsing the net for an idea of my new 3 storey flats. Keep it up guys!!!

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