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Method #1 - Link to an inner page.

We prefer you to link directly to the page on our site that will help your visitors the most.

To do this, go to any page on our site you would like to link to, copy the url of the page (in your address bar above), and paste that into your link to us.


Method #2 - Link to our home page.

If you would link to link to our home page, please use (copy and paste) one of the following examples:

Link #1:

Remodeling and Home Improvement Help from

Code for Link #1:

<a href="">Remodeling and Home Improvement Help from</a>

Link #2:

How-To Tips, Ideas and Resources from

Code for Link #2:

<a href="">How-To Tips, Ideas and Resources from</a>

Link #3:

Find Local Contractors at

Code for Link #3:

<a href="">Find Local Contractors at</a>


Method #3 - Banners.

If you would like to put a banner on your site that helps promote our site, please choose the most appropriate banner below, and copy and paste the provided code into your site. We host the image, so copying and pasting the code is all you need to do. If you would like to host the image yourself, please feel free to right-click and 'Save Image As'.

Banner #1 - 120 x 40

Code for this banner:


Banner #2 - 125 x 40

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Banner #3 - 150 x 40

Code for this banner:


Banner #4 - 160 x 40

Code for this banner:



Thank you for linking to us.

We are currently creating graphic banners for you to use to link to us as well.

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