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If winning $5000 is not enough for you, then possibly these remodeling and blogging related benefits might cause you to rethink that simple gardening project, or major renovation - as a way to pay for itself!

Whether you win $5000 or not - YOU STILL WIN!

  1. REMINDER!! - YOU COULD WIN $5000!

  2. "People's Choice" Award of $1000

  3. Increased Exposure For Your Blog

  4. Increased Traffic For Your Blog

  5. Link Juice For Your Blog

  6. Meet Other Bloggers Not In Your Niche

  7. Create Valuable Content For Your Blog

  8. Elevate Your Creative Mojo

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  10. Get Inspired To Get Work Done Around The House!

We Want All Who Enter To Have a Chance To WIN!

We want everyone to have a chance at winning, so the judging criteria for the Grand Prize does not favor the project with the largest budget or most resources, nor does it favor the blog with the most public votes (large subscriber lists could skew the vote). Instead, we only consider creativity - in your remodeling project AND your blog.

Judging Criteria for "Remodel, Blog & WIN!" Online Contest

Prize winners will be determined by the following criteria:

Grand Prize - $5000 US
Judging Panel will consist of 6 judges; 3 will be blogging experts, 3 will be home-improvement experts. Judges to be announced at least 30 days prior to the deadline for entries.

Winning entry will be judged on the following criteria:


  1. Best Use of Space (Layout)
    • Does your new design enhance or make better use of the available space(s)?
    • Does your use of the space 'speak' your design?
    • Did you come up with a creative new idea for your space?
  2. Best Use of Materials (Design)
    • Did you use your materials creatively?
    • Did your choice of materials serve purposes other than design?
    • What motivated your choice of materials, colors?
  3. Best Use of Budget (Savings)
    • Were you creative with your budget?
    • Did you introduce any cost saving ideas?
    • Did you get lots done for a little?

  4. No project is too big or too small for this contest.
    All rooms, interior and exterior, as well as upgrades, including additions, siding, roofing and utilities, qualify for this contest. Budget and/or size of project is NOT an issue or part of judging criteria.

  5. Teams Are Allowed
    Teams (families) or individuals who do work on the remodeling project may be entered, but only one entry per team project is allowed. This also means only one blog/web space is allowed per project. The second or more entries from one team or project will be disqualified - only the first entry will count.

  6. You or a Pro Can Do The Work
    Project may be completed by professional contractors or yourself and team.


  1. Best Use of Blog/Web space (story)
    • Is your story captivating and easy to read?
    • Did you include pictures, or videos? 'Before and After' pics are great!
    • Did you clearly explain your 'best use of space', 'best use of materials', and 'best use of budget'?
    • Do you tell your readers how/where you got your design inspiration from?
    • Did you tell readers about funny little anecdotes - or nightmares - that happened during your project? Any side stories?
    • How often did you update your blog/web space? (Did it need it - re: small projects?)
    • Did you describe your budget, how you stuck to it, how you got creative with it, where you saved money?
    • Do you offer how-to or cost saving tips in your story?
    • Do you link to and explain 'what and how' about resources you used from
    • Do you offer your readers links to other resources you feel are helpful for their home improvement projects?
  2. Link Requirement
    Must link to at least one resource from that was used during the contestant's remodeling project.

People's Choice Award - $1000 US
The People's Choice Award will go to the contestant who attains the highest number of votes as collected by the online voting system function within this online contest. In the interest of fairness, we ask that voters take the above-mentioned criteria into consideration when making their vote as this is a "Remodel & Blog" contest, not a popularity contest. (It is due to the potential and high risk of tampering that this function does not determine the grand prize.)

Random Voter Award - $250 US
The random voter award will be selected by random drawing from a list of registered and eligible contest voters.




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